Friday, April 29, 2005

just wondering...

Okay....this refers back to when Kevin was able to adopt Tiffany in late 1990. Tiff's bio-dad and I were divorced in 1985, he had visitation available every other weekend, took her 3 or 4 times, then 'poof' he was gone...(thank you, God! The best thing he ever did for her was walk out of her life!), but I still got my $40.00 a week child support...only cuz it was deducted from his check every week, but, who cares why? So, after Kevin and I got married, all of a sudden he called my apartment, and asked if he could come over & get her. Kevin was there at the time, and I told him what d wanted..Kev got on the phone & talked to him, and explained nicely that someday, he'd like to adopt her, would that be okay with him? Well, they talked for a while, ultimately, d said no. So, the next day, we went to my attorney's office, and asked him about it....he said that it would be BEST if d signed something turning over custody, but...when I told him it had been way over a year since he'd tried to even SEE her, the lawyer said, well if that's the case, we don't need his ok! But a couple weeks later, d met us at the lawyer's ofc, signed the paper, and we were good to go! So, after that we had to do all the stuff that children's services required, like a home visit, letters to them (they REQUIRED them!) saying what kind of a positive effect it'd have on her (from 5 friends & bosses, not family!), oh, just all kinds of shit! They even checked the cupboards here to make sure we had food! OMG!! So, that took 9 months for them to okay it, and after that we had to go to court, and a judge had to approve it...however, they DID give Tiff a new birth certificate, that said Kev's her birth father! So,. what I want to know is...why all that, when ANYBODY can just walk in off the street and have a baby, and THEY'RE not questioned like criminals, which, I do know that some of them are!! THEY can just innocently waltz out of there, & nobody asks them SHIT!! Why not?? Just because they're the biological parents, does that give them "rightful ownership"? Does that guarantee that they'll never abuse that child, they''ll take good care of it, and love it forever? Not from what I've seen, anyway! Yeah, okay, it was forever ago, but I can still be bitter about it, can't I?
Bitter BoUnCeS!! (haha) LibbY!


Anonymous said...

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