Monday, April 25, 2005


Some really funny shit we were talking about this weekend...(well, funny to the people that DID it...not always to the 'recipient' of the humor...!).
--- Kev & I put some of those '4th of July popper thingys' that you throw down & they pop, under the toilet seat when Tiffany was 10, and she was outside doing those popper things with her apropos place for her to be when she got the shit scared out of her! Now THAT was funny, when she came inside to go to the bathroom, and we heard "pop", a few times, then "aaaauuuuugggghhhhh!"
--- Tiffany (nickname-Chief) and I went to Wal-Mart to get the 'non-food' things when she was about 15. I was down at the back of an aisle, she was out in the big 'cross-aisle'...I held up a douche box, and yelled, "Hey Chief! Is this the flavor you wanted??" Evil, I know, but the mom with 3 teenage girls in the aisle whispered "Good one! I'll have to remember that!"
--- When she was 6, and we had just gotten married, we were eating bratwurst for dinner..I sneaked in and threw one in the toilet, and Tiff went in to pee....then all of a sudden, she got up and yelled, "Mommy!! I pooped a bratwurst!!".
--- Before Kev & I even started going out, there was a mouse in my produce cooler at the store. I was deathly scared (city kid...had never even seen a mouse b4!), so the next day, I wore my big, heavy 'hiker boots' to work, and cautiously tiptoed into my backroom. I was walking toward the cooler, and all of a sudden, somebody said "BOO!" behind me...and I SCREAMED! I turned around, and Kevin was standing there, dying laughing! (of course, I called him a shithead! but I still liked him...and his butt!).
--- A couple weeks later, after they caught the mouse, I walked in the produce room again in the morning, and saaw what I thought was a big RAT in my box of lettuce bags! I told the store manaager about it, he went over and PICKED IT UP!! Turns out it was a purple gummy rat that Kev had gone out to Meijer's and gotten just for this!!
--- When Kevin had his own apartment (you know, the one the ex-girlfriend from hell stalked), his brother k, was asleep on the couch one night when Kev came in. Kevin sneaked up to him, and quietly, turned on a flashlight in his eyes, and yelled, "Watch out for the train!!"
Oh my gosh, k was here for steaks Saturday night, for the race, and I mentioned it,and I think we all spit out our food laughing...and that was 20 yrs ago!!

That's it for now...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
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