Sunday, April 10, 2005

April 10...already!!

Wow!! This is the kind of weather I've been waiting for! It's in the low 70's here at 3:00 pm, and totally SUNNY!! And this almost never happens anytime in central Ohio! I think we have almost as many rainy, gloomy days as Seattle. The only difference is, it's prettier there!
Anyway...I saw my ms doctor at the Cleveland Clinic last Tuesday. We talked about how things are going, I said I'm depressed, she asked if I'm suicidal, I said, no, it'd be more likely that I'd be homicidal. HA! So, we can't increase my anti-depresssants, cuz that might cause seizures (which totally SUCK!), but starting tomorrow, I'm getting 3 days of iv steroids, which will definitely help my mood! Woo-hoo!! Liquid speed, directly into my veins!! No, they're not the kind baseball players take (in other words, I won't grow a penis or a beard, or anythng!), but it's something, anyway. So, til I start 'em...

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