Tuesday, April 26, 2005

when life was 'alcohol-soaked'...

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Okay...I live life on the computer, unfortunately...don't EVER let anyone tell you, "Oh, you should retire on SS Disability." Not that anyone did that to me...I kept working for 4 years after my dr said I should've....but, STILL!! Grrrrrr....
Anyway...back when Joe was my best, best, best friend I'd ever had in the whole world (1985-1990), we went out and got drunk all the time....at least twice a week. One of the greatest times we had was when we went up to Bowling Green, because his younger brother was in college there, and it was his 21st birthday. So...we got totally trashed, walking up & down the main street, and every bar gave P a free drink, cuz it was his birthday...& we , of course, couldn't let him get drunk by himself, could we?? That would have been RUDE!! (of course, I was a girl, all I had to do was "bat, bat" my eyelashes...& my drinks were free too!) So all three of us walked back to P's dorm room, where Joe & I were staying with him that night. Right after we got there (around 3 am), P got sick & ran to the bathroom. No problem, except he kept puking in the toilet for the next couple hours, & by then I had to pee! And he would NOT let me in!! So, I told Joe, "this is bullshit! come on!". I walked down the hall and went out the fire door to the roof, and decided that was as good a place as any, so I made Joe hold onto my hands, and I leaned back & peed off the roof. However...I didn't know this was gonna happen, I ended up pee-in' onto a lower metal roof~!! And you know, once you start, there's no stopping!! So here's Joe getting his laugh of the evening, and I was...believe it or not, a little embarrassed. Not for long, though...I've since prided myself on being the 'embarrasser', not the 'embarrassee'!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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