Wednesday, April 27, 2005

fun stuff

Once, when I worked up in Fostoria, I became good friends with the girl who worked in the meat dept up there. She was pregnant at the the old produce mgr's (the girl I replaced) boyfriend(....lots more to that too!). So, I was friends for a while with the bulk foods dept mgr, but soon she drove me up the wall...then she left her husband and moved to New England, so that was good (!).
So, a few weeks later, somebody up front yelled "S is here!" I RAN, back to the meat dept, and said "Ya gotta hide me!! S is here!!" Then I crawled under the 'meat wrapping thingy' that A (my friend) worked with, and sat right under it while S was back there asking if they'd seen me, she couldn't find me. So my 'GOOD & GREAT FRIEND' A asked her "haven't you heard? She got killed a couple weeks ago, driving to work one sad..." OMG!! Somehow, I was able to hold my laughter back...until S left, and I almost beat the shit out of A...would've if she wasn't pregnant, and bigger than me even if she wouldn'tve been!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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