Sunday, April 17, 2005

thinking...i'm gonna be dangerous soon...

....politics again...I've figured out why I'm much more of a Republican than a Democrat! I'm not rich enough to be a Democrat! They always say that the Democrats are for the 'regular people'...I have yet to see a 'regular person', Democrat or Republican, run for office & even come close to winning, not even in the local elections! Democrats seem to be a lot of the movie stars and directors, who make their money from 'the regular people'. And the Republicans are still being described as 'the rich, white guys'. Hm...I fit exactly one of those criteria...I'm an 'on ss disability, white woman'. Nobody should paint the population with such a broad brush...including me, I guess, as far as my remark about Hollywood! (sorry). I remember once when I was about 6 or 7, and my mom (a totally strict Democrat, compared to my dad, who was always a total Republican! Where did they find me?) came home from our next-door neighbor's house, burning up & fuming..."I can't believe Helen thinks we shouldn't take care of the poorer people that much! They're so disadvantaged, we HAVE to!" Well, I, in my infinite 7 year old wisdom, said, "But, Mommy, we learned in school that "all men are created equal..." That let loose a lecture about how the rich were holding down the poor, etc, etc...Yeah...this from a woman who never had to work after she married, had a maid once a week, shopped every single day, etc again! Oh & let live. We get along, for the most part, except at election time! However, she thinks Hillary Clinton is the 'be-all & end-all', and LOVES her book, Living History. I've asked her to swap with me for a week, cuz I'd read it...but only if she reads 'Rewriting History" by Dick luck yet, but I'm still trying!!
"The greatest victory a man can win is victory over himself."
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
Also...a fun link, not a weird one today! Good time waster!!

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