Friday, May 27, 2005

the days are so NOT packed!

...and I'm SO fucking bored!! I WISH I could go for a fucking walk down the street! That's how boring it is here. That would be EXCITING to me! Cuz I can't even get down the 5 steps off our porch!!! How did I get to this point?? What'd I DO for this? And I'm not wanting pity, either, I HATE that! No, I'm just bitching to try to make myself feel better (not working...). And I want to drive again! I used to drive about 1000 miles a week in my old jobs, and now, I don't have a fucking license, because my eyes are bad...they're not awful, I just can't read road signs, because I get dizzy when I move my head. And now we're coming up on the big weekend where all of Kev's extended family get together to go camping, and his sis dj's a dance at the big thingy at the campground, and, guess who used to go dancing 2 or 3 nights a week...HA! The person that CAN'T dance now!! I don't know why I'm bitching, they're all so nice, if we have corn on the cob, Kev's mom even cuts it off the cob for me, cuz I'm too clumsy to eat it otherwise! But STILL!! It's getting really, really hard to sit on the sidelines, and watch other people have fun doing the stuff I used to do. Like, play volleyball? or horseshoes? or dance? Oh SHIT, I'm gonna start bawling, good thing I'm home alone...

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