Sunday, May 08, 2005

thinking again...(the world might be in trouble)

Well, there's still a smoking ban in Columbus, Ohio..they just had an issue on the ballot May 3 to take the smoking ban off of bars, etc, anybody who had 65% of their sales in alcohol, and that was turned down, too. Now they're talking about how easy it will be to make Ohio a smoke-free state! Hmmm...that just might also make Ohio a 'tourist-free state',...which I highly doubt any government official would want, right?
I may be a little prejudiced here, but doesn't anybody but me think it looks a little bit trashy to see people that had to bundle all up in the winter and go outside to smoke?? Especially if it's a HUGE building with extra floors that have plenty of rooms to make into smoking break rooms or lunchrooms? As long as they put the right kinds of exhaust fans in, and put the rooms well away from the people who don't want to smell it, what's the problem?? Other people wear godawful smelly cologne, so much that you think they haven't taken a bath or showered in a week (& to look at some of them, they may NOT have!! You know, they just have a nodding aquaintance with the bar of soap!!) Nobody says SHIT to these people, even though it may make you sick with the smell of 'rotten crotch', dirty ass, bad breath, etc! "No, we can't say anything, the union said we can't. It might hurt their feelings!" Grrrrrr!!
Let me ask you...what the hell might happen if they said "we're not having anymore black people work here. They're nothing but trouble, and besides, they'd have to be having their desks outside." No, I HATED typing that, but that's what we're starting to feel like...discriminated against! So, where's the ACLU for us?? This isn't fair, it hurts my feelings to be made to stand outside and smoke! Grrrrr, again!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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