Tuesday, May 24, 2005

birthday party tonight for k's girlfriend...

Tonight is the birthday party Kev's mom(J) always has for k's girlfriend, (Ji) (or would she be classed as a "ladyfriend", cuz she's, like, 43..even older than ME and Kev, and k is a few years younger than us!! Well, it must run in the family, huh? Cuz I'm one year older than Kev, and, get this, k2's husband is about 4 or 5 years younger than her! k & his girlfriend aren't married, but they've been going together a week less than me & Kevin! (15 yrs!). And the way they started going out was, he worked in the office next to hers in the next town over.and always drove down the 2-ln highway between the towns, and she actually went out one day, and left signs to him all the way down the highway to him!! That is SO cool! I LOVE this woman!! And she's the one who is now a religious psychologist!! k2 met her husband when she was about 19, and cruising around town in her car with her friends. b (husband) was runnning around downtown with his friends, he ran towards the street, and BOOM!, she hit him & knocked him down with her car!! (he was 14!!) That had to be forever ago, I guess, probably about 12 years! And they've been together ever since! She's in her early 30's and he's, like, 26! They just had twins before k2's 30th birthday, one's a boy & one's a girl. And she got her tubes tied right after, she originally only wanted 1, like Tiff! So we're going over for taco's, and everything else! I'm starving!!! Oh, by the way, speaking of food..............when I put my jeans on today, I could hardly pull them over my butt! I'm getting a 'booty', or a 'caboose', as my cousin calls it! At least they fit everywhere else...anyway, I have one tacky joke for today...

What do you call a prostitute with a runny nose?


BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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