Sunday, May 22, 2005

Saturday night race (Nascar for kev & k, preakness for me....

How cool! I love it when there's a Nascar race on Saturday night! k always comes over, & he & Kevin go to Kroger's & get steaks, & come home and grill them. They both got, I dunno, sirloin, or something, but Kev got me my favorite, a filet (told you I grew up spoiled, didn't I?). So when they were sitting in the living room watching the race, I heard k say really loud "remember whenh we used to eat steaks EVERY NIGHT??" (cuz Kev was a meat mgr, so he used to buy everything when it went out of date, & they'd take it home & put it in the freezer) and Kevin said "Yeah, before I got married...". Hmmmph! I yelled, "Yeah, but you didn't get 'fringe benefits' then!!" ;-) Then they went to get milkshakes for dessert...when they came back, k said they had to drive all over to find someplace to get them. Kevin said "k said fuck libby, she doesn't need one" (total joke!), and he said "but I told him, you don't have to live with her, dude!" So...the horserace was a total pisser...I bet on Noble Causeway, but he came in 5th! I WAS gonna take Afleet Alex, who fell on his knees, but still came in first! Grrrrr! Okay, I know, that's boring to everyone but me, everybody loves Nascar instead!
So, Kevin had to mow the lawn today, for the first time since, like, this summer. No, we're not gross, we just have a shitty yard that doesn't grow, because of the way the weather has been. But, today, it was really high...I told him it really looked like he'd be better off taking a machete to it first. He just turned around and said uh-huh. Then he came back in later & told me "I found a Japanese family out there, and they didn't know the war was over..." (sorry)
Okay, I'm done. My strawberry milkshake is gonna melt. Plus, I have a pint of mint choc. chip out in the freezer, if I need a snack later!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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