Friday, August 11, 2006

friday...gonna be a perfect weekend, weatherwise!

Well, my apologies to jimmyb, but this cat is SO DAMN CUTE I had to steal these pictures! And this is an early hint for my birthday & Christmas present...isn't that nice of me? Takes the worry all out of your shopping for me, and makes it so simple! ;-D

Actually, I was just thinking...what do ya think would happen if this cat ran into a mouse? There would be a fight, I'm sure...but, who'd win??
So, I finally got to babysit for Jenga today.It's so funny how she & Truman get along so well! Tru actually walked up to her when she got here, and sniffed her looked like he was giving her a sweet little kiss! Awwww!! Yeah, yeah, okay, I had the "awwwww" factor.....
Oh, this tv channel is too cool! I've never even realized we had it before, but it's called 'History International'. Right now I'm watchin' a show about the Bermuda Triangle and the area in the Great Lakes that also has that reputation.

All right, I hafta say this, and if ya don't have any interest in the shit goin' on in Israel/Lebanon, well, so be it...I'm not twisting your arm...I just want to put it in here, so I can maybe get it straight in my mind.
Maybe I have it all wrong, but it almost seems to me that, actually, Lebanon has a very small part in this whole thing, except for the fact that it is their land!! What it's sounding like to me is that, Hezbollah just 'took over' that land...because they don't have any of their own, and, well, they saw an opportunity & took it. The Lebanese army isn't fighting now, all anybody says about them is that they're, well, ineffective, cuz if they were stronger, Hezbollah never would've gotten in there! Israel doesn't want that land, they just want their own land, and for other countries around them to quit fuckin' with them! So, if I think about it, it really makes sense when they refer to it as "a state within a state". It almost seems like if a bunch of 'those crazy-ass drivers from up in Michigan' (sorry peach!), came down here and took over on Ohio, and we weren't strong enough to fight 'em off. And then they started a war with Kentucky and we had not a Goddamn thing to say about it! Hmmpphh...I feel better, even if that a totally wrong take on it.
All righty then. I'm done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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