Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hey, i'm back!!

Now, tell ya think this picture of the boys was taken while at a family picnic at this park?

Well, no, I haven't done anything fun or exciting yet. Well, I've ummmm, cleaned the cat box every day, that's not new. Or exciting, for that matter...unless, like me & Kim, you find it hilarious that Truman always leaves a turd the size of a full-grown person's!! That's really not exciting, just part of our sick sense of humor. Actually, Truman is a very thoughtful cat. Sometimes, when I'm cleaning his box, he crawls over me and, gets in his box, and squats and pees right in front of me. And looks me in the eye while he does it! But...I take that as Truman saying "Thank you Mommy, for scooping my poop! I may not be able to talk to tell you, but I really appreciate it!" Ya think?

Kim & I were talking yesterday about going out somewhere, and I told her that when we decide to go, I'll give her the gas money, of course. Cuz this is kinda weird, but Kim has just this month had to start going to a gas station & pay for her gas! And she's just shittin' when she sees the price of gas now! Cuz since she's been married, her husband's family has always owned this huge pig farm, her husband works on the farm with all 4 of his brothers, and, of course, the farm has a gas pump, for all the vehicles, and all the brothers use it for personal use, too, and it's never been a problem with anybody using it (Kim's been married to him almost 20 years. (yay Kim!). But now, since a few weeks ago, 'the farm's' new rule is that the gas is only to be used for farm trucks, tractors, farm stuff in general, and that's it! So when she comes 5 miles into town, and pulls up to a gas station, and sees the price of almost $3 a gallon, she almost had a heart attack the first time!!

Kim just called me, & she was practically hyperventilating!! And, actually, when she told me why, I almost did too!!

She had just been reading the paper, and she saw a name that was familiar...I blogged a long time ago about us going out riding around with these 2 guys when we were young, maybe freshmen, and they stopped at an apartment, one of them went upstairs to the apt, the other stayed in the car with us rolling joints...and it was in a horrible part of town! So, yada, yada, yada...we just rode around and had fun and partied, and that was it. Fine, until Kim called me about a week after that, and the guy that had gone up to the apartment...well, his name was in the paper because he'd been arrested for rape. This was in the late 70's. today's paper, was this guy's name & address in a southern Ohio town, and he's arrested again for rape and for molesting children...thank God they got him again! and maybe they'll keep him locked up this time!! By the way, it also had his age...50!! Holy shit! That means he was 10 years older than us...that was also him messin' around with younger teenage girls!

Awww...this just makes me wanna puke....I'm outta here...(need some ice cream!).

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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