Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August first...ya know...dog days...well, okay...now it's the second.....

didn't didi

Hmmmm^...guilty?? and...morans??...that doesn't even sound right!!

I was busy yesterday...my cousin Boo and her mom (used to be married to Mom's youngest brother, but they divorced years ago...nicely) came down here. Ny mom came over and we went out to lunch, and we were out forever!!

Then we came back here, & it was SO funny!! See, with my ms, I can walk (mostly, anyway...as long as I have something or someone to keep my balance, which is my worst symptom). So, we were getting up the 5 steps to my porch, and all of a sudden, my legs got really stiffened up, & I couldn't bend them, so I just sat down on the second step. I wasn't hurt at all, I just sat on my ass so I didn't get hurt. So, I'm sitting there and Boo says, 'oh, I'll help you...hold on...'. What does Boo do? She friggin' grabbed hold of me under the arms and fuckin' dragged me backwards up the rest of the stairs!! While I was dying laughing the whole time, by the way! I told her I could see why she was a great mom and kindergarten teacher!! LOL! Well, she must be a great mom, cuz she has 4 kids, and they're all so smart!! My God, she doesn't think IQ tests are worth a shit, but her 2 youngest kids had to take an IQ test before they started school, and at the age of 7 or 8, their IQ's were higher than mine!! (only by one or 2 points, but STILL!!).

Then we all came in here, and I grabbed a couple of books that I knew they'd love..."Nightfall" for my aunt, cuz she's as obssessed with TWA flight 800, the same as me, cuz I think their explanation for it was bullshit...if anyone paid attention to that, it was the first terrorist attack...IMHO...

And I gave Boo the book 'More Is Never Enough', that's all about how Americans always want the newest, biggest, best products...which kinda leads to why this country's citizens are in debt over their heads, and how people want their new houses built with way more room than they need, you know 4 or 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms...with 2 kids...!!

Who knows when I'll get the books back, though, cuz they both live about an hour north of me...howEVER...I need to at least store the books somewhere for awhile...I'm running out of room! ;-D!!

Hmmmmm.....what else....oh, on the Israel/Lebanon/Hezbollah conflict...I listen to everything I can on the news about it, and, what I think (not that anyone listens, but they oughtta!)...when this all started, I think the Lebanese society wanted Hezbollah out of there, they didn't like them, thought they were nothing but trouble. But, after Israel bombed the house and killed 60+ regular women & children, even if the house was being used as a place where Hezbollah used citizens as human shields...I think the mood on the street in Lebanon is getting to be, "What do those Jews think they're doing? They're killing our people! We might not like Hezbollah, but at least they're not Jews!!" Why can't people understand this??

I don't like what Bush is doing in the middle east, but, if we weren't there, they'd be here! Even more than their cells are, all over the US. And, God only knows how many more 9/11's we'd have. But the whole mideast is like a fucking wasp's nest, and when we get involved in anything there, it's like putting a stick in the nest and stirring it up. So whatta ya do? You can't leave them alone, you can't do a damn thing about 'em. But I want everyone to remember, like Billy Joel says....."We didn't start the fire."

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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