Monday, May 07, 2007

monday again...

The title of the second picture is "Spongebob's biggest fan"...I'll say!

Tif & I had fun yesterday. Bro had a Mother's Day cookout at his house for our mom, his wife's mom, and everybody. It was a good time! They have a bunch of cats living out there in the woods, I guess the mother of all of the kittens is the calico cat that hangs out at the back deck of the house, Bro said she's had tons of kittens over the years, cuz the 'father' of the kittens lives across the road, and comes over all the time. I just looked at him, and said, "Man-whore, right?". And he thought about it for a second, and said, "No. I just think my cat's a slut." haha! So, we were out there for about 3 hours, a lot of the time was spent by Tif trying to get the two orange & white kittens out from under the deck. (Meanwhile, I was inside eating, of course!). Bro is an awesome cook, and he loves cooking! That's probably why he's so good at it, you can't be really good at anything unless you really like it!

Tif and Bro's 2 youngest girls brought one of the kittens inside to show everyone (especially me!) how cute it was, and it totally is! She's so small she fits in the palm of your hand! I'm not sure how old she is, maybe a month or two. So, of course, Tif starts begging, pleading, whining, "Mom! I NEED this kitten!! Look how cute it is! It WANTS to come home with us!!" I'm used to this, I hear it every time Tif sees any kind of animal, including lizards & bugs, when she was little! So I said my normal "No" a few times, and they gave up and took it back outside to play with it and its sister.

The rest of us stayed inside at the table and bs'd, like the 'old folks' do at family dinners. We left at 9 last nite, and came home, and I went straight in and flopped on the bed, and started reading another Stephen King book, 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes', which is a bunch of really good short stories.

So, I'm sitting there, enjoying the book, and here comes Tif around the corner, and she plopped down on the bed too. I looked up, and she just looked at me with those sad, puppy dog eyes, like you see in the paintings on black velvet, ya know. She sat up and said, "Mom, I hafta tell you something. It's really kinda funny, if you think about it." Right then, I knew..."Tiffany, we already HAVE a cat!!". Thus began the begging & pleading again. She knew exactly how to do it, too! #1, she had brought it home from Bro's under her shirt, and it was about a half hour to get out in the country where Bro lives. Grrrrrrrr!! #2, Bro's wife had made a joke when Tif was asking for the kitten that she has a full return guarantee! Grrrrrr, twice!! Yeah,so anyway...guess where "Spice" ended up moving into last night? Tif went to WalMart and got a pink litterbox & scoop, and a pink food & water bowl, and a bag of kitten food & a bag of litter. And when she got home, she looked on the internet for a quick way to litter train a kitten, then she took Spice out to the laundry room, got a turd out of Truman's box, and put it in Spice's, then put Spice in there, and showed her how to bury the turd by taking her paw and helping her! Then Spice turned around and peed right then!! But she had to sleep on a towel in my room last night, because she's too small & clumsy to come down the stairs in the middle of the night to use her box! But she did go & pee & poop in the box when I took her out that way overnight! How easy was that! She's always been an outside kitten! (yeah, for all 4 or 6 weeks she's been alive!). Okay, enough, or you're all gonna think I like her too, or somethin'!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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