Friday, May 18, 2007

2nd day of steroids!

...and only the second day of ramp-building! Can you believe this?? All the posts that hold the ramp up are in concrete (or cement...I forget which one you use to make the finished product!). And, lemme tellya...Bro did good on having good-looking nice guys doing this! Of course, I'm probably referred to as the baby sister...but I'm actually 'the old lady'. I can tell! How painful is that? I absolutely know that one of them is young enough to be my son, cuz he's a good friend of Bro's second daughter. And the other guy is married and has a 13 yr old...and he thinks that's old! Hah!
Anyway...I think I'm just about ready to change my picture, because that's not how I'm feeling anymore. A lot of work, by myself and others has gone into this. And, no, it's not just being on steroids! I realized something tonight, and that is exactly what this ramp represents. It's hope! And, you know? If you've never, ever lived without it, you don't realize how important it is. I promise I'll never never never lose it again! I'm listening to Sting, 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You...' (in me?), soon to be followed by George Michael, 'Freedom', and 'Faith'. Geez, I'm probably being a little overdramatic here, but I honestly feel the same way this kind of depression and sadness was once described to me...that I just clawed my way up out of a deep bottomless pit with my fingernails, and I can finally look up and see the sun, & smile, & it isn't a "mask" (get it, queenie?) anymore! Because I absolutely know that whatever else is gonna happen, will happen...and I'll be okay, either way.
Tif came in tonight with a box and said "Your other present came today!" She pulled it open, and it's two silver necklaces, the one for me to wear is a bigger scrolled heart, and there's a cutout of another, smaller heart in the middle, and that's on another chain for Tif to wear! Oh...would anybody else be "weeping" the way I did? Shit! And here I thought the crying was over! But these are different. They're 'happy tears'! With a big ol' hug afterwards!
Oh, Tif's best friend is getting tickets for them to go to Columbus to the 'American Idol' concert when it gets here! Tickets aren't supposed to go on sale til next week, but her friend is a 'something' (don't remember what) at WNCI, the big radio station there, and she's allowed to buy tickets tomorrow. Ya know, she's special...not 'short-bus special'...I hope not, anyway...she has a little boy!
Well, I really need to get off here, so I can watch a cool movie that just started on the sci-fi channel...'Scarecrow Slayer'. Sounds like my kinda movie for 3 am by myself in a 2 story house...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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