Saturday, May 12, 2007 before Mother's Day's some pictures of my new 'granddaughter'! Teeny, isn't she??
I'm all embarrassed! My carpet is NOT stained! I don't have a clue what that is, but even looking down there's not even there!
Two of Bro's daughters came over last night, the oldest, 30 yr old & the youngest, 15. Actually, Tif went out for a walk (she does that a lot...just walks or goes jogging!...she's just healthy like that.), and went by the oldest girl's house, and they were on the porch, so Tif stopped, and C was drinking wine (I think it was her 2nd bottle...but that's neither here nor there...), so Tif stopped & talked for awhile, then they all came over. That was fun.....we all just sat around here bullshitting & laughing for a few hours, and playing with Truman & Spice! Then, all of a sudden, there was another cat meowing on the porch, and Tif & I knew that was one of the stray cats around here. Tif & I just ignored it, but all of a sudden, it came over to the door, and was meowing up at it, then it jumped at the screen on the bottom half of the door, and hung there by all 4 of its paws, meowing in the door!! Damn!!But, Truman took charge of the situation! I was so proud of him! He ran over to the door and hissed SO loud, and, well, meowed, but it sounded like he was yelling "Get the FUCK off my porch!!", and that other cat just dropped straight down!! And Tru''s tail was as big around as my leg!! Then he went over to Spice and nuzzled her for a second, like he was saying "There, there. Big Brother'll watch out for you...". That was SO CUTE!! I have never heard Truman hiss before, ever, even when I picked him out at the animal shelter. Other cats came up around him when I was 'meeting' him, and they'd like, push him aside, and he'd just walk away and ignore them! That's why I wanted him, he obviously didn't jump into fights!
So, C left me part of a bottle of wine, even though I said I didn't want it, little sister K took it out of her hand and put it on the desk here, and said "We're leaving it. She doesn't need any more!" So there's a half bottle of Piesporter Michel or something in the fridge. Ack! To me, wine always smells like nail polish remover! It ALL smells like Strawberry Hill to me!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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