Saturday, February 26, 2011

i honestly cant believe it!

I went to bed last night at 10, & woke up today at 8 am!! So I'm getting over the steroid 'rush' ('roid rush? is that an expression? should be...), & now I'm ready for the bummed feeling for a couple days...(sigh...where do I register my complaint for this kind of health? Is there a complaint department anywhere?)

I was flipping channels on tv the other night, & saw "toddlers & tiaras" on TLC, & I watched, transfixed by the obnoxious behavior...mostly of the little girls, but 'the moms, oh my God, the moms!' It showed us exactly where kids get their behavior training. Kids being spoiled, demanding brats, and the parents acting like 'She has personality...she's sassy...' as if 'sassy' is something every parent would want their child to aspire to...A generation ago, if a kid acted like that, like it or not, they might get their butt smacked...not now..."Isn't she cute?"...Sheesh, Tif had personality at that age too, but I made sure she was not obnoxious...she was likeable....someone that people like to be around, not someone people make excuses not to have to be around!! In about 20 years, these parents are going to realize they've created monsters...just think, when the parents go to a dr or lawyer, said dr or lawyer being 'sassy'...I may weep for the future, but, I'd just love to be a fly on the wall then!!

That's my girl up there!! One of the most favorite times of my life...she was so full of life (sassy? you betcha!...but she was never a spoiled BRAT!), that this was at the time she was a beautician at a salon, and also volunteered one morning a week at the local radio came to be known as "Tiffany Tuesdays"! She was great on the radio, she & the head dj were a helluva team! He was always thinking up something for them to do...oh, my mistake....something for Tiffany to do....but it always worked well! My girl did the 'wacky stuff', for the pictures above show, this was the 'laundromat lottery'...Gary made all the painted ping-pong balls with lotto numbers on them, they drove across town, & Tiff got in a dryer with all the balls, he'd start the dryer, & every so often, open the door & have Tiff give him a number! Or there was the time around Christmas where they had a contest for people to gargle & sing a Christmas song at the same time...they were always doing something funny!
The group of 3 pix up there is really there just to show the middle pic, which shows Tif's look when her uncle gave us a Dalmatian puppy for Christmas!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!


Autumnforest said...

Hey Libby-Girl! Yes, toddlers and tiaras reminds me of my mom and my relationship. She started me in modeling at about 8 and dogged me about it all the time. In fact, the only relationship we had was going to the mall to buy clothes for beauty pageants. Otherwise, she spent zero time with me. Your daughter is an unbelievably lucky gal to have you for a mom. You made her real and ready for the world and flexible and easygoing. Pat yourself on the back, sweetie!

Libby said...

aw, man, thanks so much for that...i'm blessed to have such an easygoing girl, especially as a toddler! Did your mom have a secret wish to have been in a beauty pageant? Cuz many of these moms say they always wanted to do this when they were little!

dr.antony said...

Most parents perhaps overlook the fact that the children undergo the most formative part of their life in the first six years of their life. In fact it is in this phase that 80% of their mental make-up takes place. And it is this fact coupled with the state of parenting that exists today, that makes one wonder about what sort of legacy we are passing on to the next generation. In fact, it makes one wonder whether there is any legacy to talk about at all.

Children tend to idolize their parents,and so parents have to be extremely careful how they speak and behave in front of children.Many parents bring up their children with the aim of satisfying their own desires,to make them reach where they themselves couldn't.We have heard the tragic stories of many of the modern child celebrities.I think children should have a normal childhoods and shouldn't be taken around like animals in a circus.They are not show pieces.

Anonymous said...

Oh I HATE that show! I understand getting sucked into it but man when I watch that all I can think is "my mom spanked me for acting like that!" Sheesh.

X. Dell said...

(1) I remember Tiffany Tuesdays. I was thinking she might have had a future in radio.

(2) Regarding your previous post, Prednisone's pretty potent stuff. How's that working out for you?

Munir said...

Thanks for reading my blog. Like I said, Toddlers in Tiaras make me want to throw up. We came a long way when it comes to real progress and what are these mothers doing to the self esteem of those girls. I would be surprised if those girls do not turn out to be a mess.

Libby said...

meg-you know, if you ever actually SAID you got spanked, anyone under 30 wldnt belive you!

dr--yeah, what ever happened to playing???

x- i think sheda done radio, but shes happy here, & that's fine by me, ya know? she's in college to be a registered nurse, & she's gotten perfect grades for 2 quarters!
prednisone works good for me...i know it's not good for me, but...neither is ms, huh?

Libby said...

munir, i'm just glad most women can say 'i want to do ....' that was my goal, to let tif try everything, then decide~!!

Munir said...

Thanks for reading my blog. It has been tough three days. My son is doing good. My husband wants him to leave Hawaii, but he loves it there. He councils American soldiers.

Have Myelin? said...

Toddlers and Tiaras feels almost abusive. I can barely stand the show. Only watched it once and that was almost too much!

Your daughter is darling! =)