Friday, January 05, 2007

Jan 5, 2007

" don't really love just keep me hangin' on..."
I'm really getting sick of this 50 degree weather in Ohio!! It's frickin' January!! Come on!! What about the people that want to play in the snow? Or that got boots for Christmas?? Or all the kids that want snow days? Global warming, you say?? said last time that that was why it was cold, Mr Gore. I think I'm missing something, Mr Gore. Can you explain it again, sir?
Shit. Here I go again, being a smartass. Oh well. That's me. Love me or leave me.
Has anyone read "The Purpose-Driven Life"? Jill got me that for Christmas, said it's good, so I started it last night, and I'm reading it the way it says, one chapter at a time. How-EVER...I fell down today, got stuck, and totally let loose! I truly let loose with a string of words that sailors are afraid to use!! No, I'm not hurt, just pissed! I said all kind of stuff about if THIS is the purpose of my life, well, He can have it back, I'm DONE with it!! Pee-shaw!

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