Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tiffany Tuesday...

Yup...me, this morning...

But...my 'little Tiffany Pooh-Bear' brightens my day every Tuesday morning on the radio...and especially today. I was rolling laughing!!

First they were talking about the new world sport of pillowfighting! They said the competitions started in Canada, and then came here through New York! I'm sure that's gonna be done next week!

Then Tif was bitching about being bored!! The guys asked if she was a competitive type of person, and she said yeah, sure, she played soccer in high school, cross country, was a cheerleader, etc...then they asked, well, if a guy beat you in a race, what would you do? At least she was honest...she said, "Well, I'd run up and dance around him yelling 'WooHoo, I won...he lost!!'" to which all that was heard was groans, and 'No wonder you go through boyfriends!'

Then they decided they had to do "Tiffany Games"...they gave her aa choice of thumb wrestling or leg wrestling...she said thumb wrestling...they said, "Okay! Leg wrestling it is!!" Hmmmm...She actually lost that, but she did acccidentally kick Gary in the face!

Then she and Gary went to a laundromat to do "Laundromat Lotto"! They got there, and Gary dumped 40 ping pong balls, each with a number on it, in a big dryer. Then he boosted Tif into the dryer and made sure it was set on low heat. Then he closed the door and turned the dryer on, and all that anyone heard over the radio was "Aaaahhh! Oooowwwwww! Aaaahhhhhhh! Help me!!" Gary opened the dryer door every five seconds and hzd her hand him a ball with a number on it!! So they got 6 numbers. And I didn't write them down, but I guess they'll be on the website of the radio station, WDCM . Nothing is up there yet from today, but...I can't wait!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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