Wednesday, January 17, 2007

tiffany tuesday...on kevin's birthday!

Hey everybody!! Tiffany Tuesday was fun this week! There's some pictures on the website where they had her dress with firehat, boots, and a hazmat mask to go through everybody's desks in the office, and, believe me, when ya see the pictures, you'll know why...the expiration date on the milk carton she is holding up (from Shawn's desk!) is December 11!!
They did this cuz yesterday was national 'clean out your desk' day, allegedly.
When Gary said first thing at 6:00 am that yesterday was a national holiday, Tiffany yells, "Yeah! It's my dad's birthday!!"...and she told him he had requested some Def Leppard on the morning show...Gary said not unless Kev called in, and, of course he wouldn't, but he did text Tif on her phone...but they wouldn't count that! Puh-leeez...then they play Guns & Roses right after...sheesh...
Okay...they also had a very funny discussion about Boza beer...check that link's hilarious!
And next week, laundromat lottery starts! I have no idea at all what that is, all I know is that the last thing Gary said before they went off the air was "I bet you never rode in a dryer, before, Tiffany..." I laughed my ass off cuz she has! She and one of her friends used to ride in an old dryer in the friend's basement (no heat...just their old dryer they weren't going to use anymore.).
Kevin's birthday party was over at his mom's house last night, and we all had a lot of fun! And he got a lot of presents, it always works out good with his birthday being that close after Christmas, cuz we always know what he wanted and didn't get for Christmas! Of course, he is a guy (duhhh), so Best Buy gift cards are always perfectly welcome! There is no better place for him to spend a day browsing.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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