Tuesday, January 09, 2007

OSU sucks (or blows...whichever's worse!)

...or..."It's all fun & games until your wiener falls off..."

First of all (well, I guess it would be second, huh?), I have to put a disclaimer on here about how every name of everyone I have EVER used in here is a total fake (yeah...I lied...just like EVERY writer in the world...except maybe the writers of the Bible...and, how would you know if they did? For all you know, "Jesus" might be "Mike"). Well, I am Libby, but you probly could figure that out...who would EVER choose that name for themselves?

So, I just thought I oughtta do that, you know "names have been changed...to protect the guilty". That's from an AC/DC song, but I'm not sure which. Oh wait! It was 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap'! Or, like my friend's little sister used to sing "Dirty Jeans, Dungarees!". She always thought she had it right, so far be it from us to break her heart!

Anyway, all of Ohio is SO TOTALLY humiliated about the national championship game last night, so don't even try to pretty it up by blaming it on bad calls, injuries, etc...someone called the radio station this morning and said, "But they won all their other games...look at the bright side!" If I'dve answered the phone, I would've given her a resounding (and wet!) 'phhhhttt'! I don't wanna talk about it any more...

Okay...today was Tiffany Tuesday again, & it was good! I actually got to disagree with my daughter on the air! Woo hoo! heehee! They were going over Tif's 'celebrity news flash & trash', and she mentioned Kid Rock wanting to kick Tommy Lee's ass on New Year's, then she was saying that Tommy Lee was better looking than Kid Rock...and that was all it took! I called in and told Gary? Sean? I dunno...whoever answered...that I HAD to disagree with my daughter...Kid Rock is WAY better looking! Look at him in 'Joe Dirt'....at least HE knew how to be clean & take a shower!! And then they patched the call through so I was on the air too, and we got to argue with each other on the air. Then Gary mentioned how we must get along like oil & water at home. I told Tif 'well, you're not allowed to date anyone that looks like Tommy Lee' , which Tif came back with 'Mom...I'm 23!' I said 'Fine! Just don't bring him home for dinner or anything!' Mind you...this whole exchange was broadcast live to the city. So, here I am, 42 years old, arguing with my daughter live on air about whether Kid Rock is better looking than Tommy Lee...then she whips out her 'coup de gras' "Yeah, but YOU thought Bucky was cute on American Idol! So what?? He IS/WAS! And so it goes...

Anyway...that's pretty much what's up here. I'm a few days behind in reading 'The Purpose-Driven Life'...just because, well, life really sucks for me now. Yeah, I know..."Libby, then this is the time you need to read it!"...but, I'm reading my old Stephen King books...the REALLY old ones, that have been in the bookcase just looking nice for a long time...and I DO mean a looooooong time! So far, I've read 'Bag of Bones', 'Cell', 'Hearts in Atlantis' (that's a good book!), 'Black House', and now I'm on 'Dreamcatcher'. I've had all these books for years, but some of them I never finished, and, reading them now, I'm thinking WTF?? Why in the world didn't I??? And I do have a Christmas present movie I hafta watch. Which one? Oh, of course, it's 'So I Married An Axe Murderer'. Woohoo!! Thank you for passing that knowledge on to the person that gave it to me, Miss You-Know-Who!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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