Thursday, August 25, 2005


OK...and SHUT UP!! I know it's only the end of August! SO WHAT?? You KNOW you all start dreaming about Christmas in early November!! This guy was dressed like this a few years ago at a Halloween party we went to. That was the party I wanted really bad for Kevin & I to dress up for! I had a brilliant idea, but we couldn't find costumes to wear, so we'dve had to make them....strike one, two, AND three, right there. I wanted Kev to be a yellow bag of m&m's,& I'd be the brown know, with and without...
Ok, ok, I'll quit~! I've been watching the morning talk shows everyday (welcome to my life...) and they've all had women my age on there bitching about how they were picked on & put down so bad in high school they just can't get over it, it's so terribly,terribly, painful!! So...who in the world has never been picked on by people that they thought were their friends in high school? And, trust me...I was picked on and teased worse than anyone I knew! But ya know what? I grew up & realized that in the grand game of LIFE, high school truly isn't shit! You have a real life to get on and live, and, if you don't want anyone to know about that, well, either don't tell them, or move away! How hard can that be?? Come ON!! At one of the places I worked, one of the department managers was hired (with no experience, mind you), and a lot of the people there used to make fun of her because she was really, really fat (no, I did NOT)...& in high school, she was one of the girls that was, like the meanest...she always was one of the 'perfect ones', according to her. Her dad was one of the assistant principals of our high school (he actually suspended me once! How DARE he??)Anyway...obviously, she wan't perfect anymore, and she didn't like it one bit that I was,well, far from perfect, but blond and 5.4 & 108 lbs. So, she always was not real friendly. Then, one day, she came upstairs to the break room carrying a book. truly was...our high school yearbook!! Cuz there were tons of pictures in there from when she said she was thinner & popular. OMG! To me, I would've thought that would be kind of humiliating, each his own, I guess.
So I really do not understand why anybody holds on to their high school years (and YOUNGER!), and, say 'those were the best years...I'll never forget them'. Things should get better when you get older. At least you have a chance to make them better, which you don't have when you're young. (at least I couldn't!) (and no, it wasn't my parents fault, have to stop passing the blame around when you're that old!).
Wow, what a rant...didn't really mean to, it just kinda 'fell out'.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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