Sunday, August 21, 2005

laffs with Tiff...(not at...WITH!) 2nd post of the day...

does everybody remember 'Baghdad Bob'?

A long time ago, Tiff and I were driving over to a friend of hers house (I was friends with her mom too) who had just moved from our street out to a big farmhouse near a small town about 20 miles away. She was about 12 or 13 at the time. I'm just about lost being all the way out there, driving over these gravelly roads and trying to figure out how to find their road. All of a sudden, Tiff's grabbing my arm, yelling "Mom, LOOK!!" Not only did I look, I stopped the car and STARED!! There was a car parked out by someone's barn (and it was sunny, in the middle of the day, so I can't blame it on the dark, either!), and there was a full-grown COW curled up on the hood, sunning itself!! WTF?? Yes, I said it, in front of my 12 year I'm sure anybody would! I really wish I would've had my camera with me!! My big ongoing question did it get up there?? It had hooves, for God's sake!! And it wasn't dead, it was just looking around on a lazy Saturday afternoon! (I could understand if it was dead, I'd think somebody hit it while it was crossing the road).
Once, when Tiff was 16 or so, we went out to my brother's house (also about 15 or 20 miles out of town). We were hanging around with him and his wife and their 4 kids (he's my big brother....didn't he find out what causes that??), then Tiff and E (his next-to-youngest daughter) started talking about this house out there that's supposed to be haunted. And, of course, Tiff and I are both obsessed with anything to do with ghosts or anything! So Tiff & E didn't have to talk me into it, I was the first one to the door! Even though by that time I had a cane, I still beat them to the door.

So, with E's directions, we found the house. Not much...a little one story shacky-like thing with a big barn out back. It sure didn't look like my idea of a haunted house. I thought it was almost mandatory that they were big old 3 story houses, with broken windows, you know, that kinda stuff....but I pulled up in the driveway on the way to the that looked scary!! We ended up going out to the barn first. Poked around on the first floor, nothing interesting, so E went running over to this ladder up to the 2nd floor and yelled "hey, let's go up here!!" I said no way! My brother will kill me if you get hurt! So we walked toward the house, and Tiff & E started running to it. Suddenly it started to feel really creepy to me, and I said maybe we shouldn't go in. You never know, the people that live across the road might own it & say we're trespassing...I was WAY outvoted on that! So I headed over to the car. Tiff turned around and saw me...'MO-OOOM!! Come ON!' I said no, I believe I'll just wait in the car for you 2. It's only a few feet from the car. Tiff yelled "Mom, what if something happens??" And I told her the truth. I said "If you guys have trouble in there, just yell....I'll go find someone to help you..." No I didn't get away with it, but it wass worth a try..I walked in there with them and we looked around. It looked really little, just the big kitchen we walked in to, and it was a mess...kinda like mine, except I know where our dirt comes from! (I always tell people 'you could eat off my floor. There's probably lots of good stuff down there'.) But we got home okay, just a little 'creeped out'.

Well, turns out that Tiff just found something about that house on the internet a few weeks ago, about how it was haunted, and that the story behind it was that something happened one evening, and that nobody ever saw them go, heard from them again, they even left the food on their plates. Eeeeewww! So that's one of our ghost hunting stories.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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