Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Wow, I so totally LOVE this time of year! Especially the weather! Last night overnight it was about 55 outside, and today it's 80 and sunny!! How perfect is that?? It even smells like fall outside! Woo-Hoo! Come on Halloween!! Don't have a clue what I'm gonna be, but I'm thinkin', ok? A couple years ago I saw a tall guy walking down the street across the street from our house, and, actually, for all I know, he was an axe murderer. He had no kids with him, he was just walking leisurely down the street...and he had a big bag....AND he was dressed like Santa, with the beard, boots, and everything!! Now THAT'S a perfect Halloween costume!
Okay, anyway, I was looking at my bill copy they e-mailed me from victoria's secret yesterday, and I'm trying to figure out why the one thing I bought cost $58.00 including shipping (standard). It's not like it's a HUGE bit of material, for heaven's sake! Maybe if it was a size 44 double H bra or something, but, uuuhhhh, guess's like, well, the opposite!! It damn sure better be worth it!!
I was thinking today about some stuff that happened when Tiff was a whole lot younger...once when she used to be in 1st grade, and walked to school with her friend across the street. She came home crying one day, and Kevin & I were like, "What's wrong?". She blubbered, "Danielle hit me on the head with her bookbag!" Kevin got down on his knees with her and talked to her, and, more importantly, listened to her. (he's really good at that!). Come to find out...Tiff hit Danielle in the stomach (HARD) with her bookbag first!!
Then there was the time that Tiff was in her biology class in middle school, and was dissecting a fish...The teacher came up behind her, and said "Are you boning the fish?"...she looked at him and said "well, I guess you could call it that..." Then when she was in the same middle school (the same one Kev & I went to!), she was talking to one of her teachers when she was in 8th grade, and she mentioned her music class. The teacher asked who the music teacher was, and Tiff said 'Mrs x'. The teacher said "What?? Isn't she dead yet??" I can see why he said that....she was my music teacher when I was in 6, 7, and 8 grade, too! And when it was Christmas time that year, she wasn't singing the Christmas carols with the class, and that teacher (Mrs x) stopped the class and looked at Tiff & her best friend, who had been talking, and she asked Tara "Why isn't Tiffany singing??", and Tara didn't even think about it....she said real loud "She's Jewish."...which we're not, but I can't think of a better teacher to embarrass!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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