Sunday, August 07, 2005

more tree...

Yup...toldja we had a pile of tree in our front yard. Attractive, isn't it? Keep in mind, if you look at the tree itself, you'd never know anything happened to it! Because the tree itself is so big, this was like 'a puny little limb'! The 'logs' of it (the part that grew close to the tree) are bigger than my leg! and I think that's saying a lot!). Kev said if it would've fell on anyone, it would've killed them immediately, because the 'logs' alone weighed about 400 lbs!! I'll try to get a picture on here of some of them stacked up by the's at the top...
So, Tiff's planning her wedding & honeymoon 100 people on her list to invite already, and that's only Kevin's family!! She still has all of mine, and most of her friends! HA!! Actually, she's thinking about a cruise for the honeymoon, and getting married outside somewhere near here, and she wants Jill (Ken's girlfriend/ladyfriend) to marry them...not only is she a Christian psychologist, but she's also an ordained minister...and she works with the homeless...and has a full-time job working with developmentally disabled people. She is SUCH a good person!
Then there's mom said something about me being 'disabled' the other day, and I said "Oh, let's call a spade a spade! I'm a cripple!!". Then I blew it...I started laughing! (you either laugh or cry...TRUE!!)
And Tiff had to go to another friend's funeral the other day (yes, another...she's lost about 10 or 12 friends since she's been in school...which is more than Kev & I put together! And a lot from drunk driving...)...this guy was from cancer...& his dad made Tiff and her friends take some of his flowers from the cemetary, cuz he said they'd just be thrown away. So when Tiff came in and told me, & showed me the flowers, of course I said "Well, if Tom wants 'em back, he'll come & get 'em..." She said "You better not take them, cuz if they're gone when I get up, I'll shit!!" haha...that's my little girl!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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