Thursday, August 04, 2005

these dreams...

Wow! I slept last night from 1:15 am straight thru til 1:30 pm today...with the exception of the 10 minutes that Kev called from work at about 11 am, and I woke up just enough to say hi and I love you....then I went back to sleep immediately! That was weird. I got my avonex shot last night for my ms (it's a once a week shot in my muscle in my arm, not in the butt [or hip as they call it!]) and it's the most expensive shit I ever saw! Thank God insurance pays for it! One month's supply (4 shots) is $1,237.00!! Is that bs? But, really, the company's been good to me...when Kevin & I didn't have insurance a few years ago, they sent me enough for a whole year, without any charge! All I had to do was call & ask!
Anyway...I had the most awesome dream last night! I worked at a store that was just opening up north of here, and I got to unload the trucks & decide how to set up the whole produce department! And it was autumn, my favorite time of year, especially in that department! I remember setting up the potato & onion sections (with sweet onions! that was specific!),and the gourds and winter squash, and I remember getting called to the phone, and it was my mom, who had Tiff, and I said I was coming home after I got done, only I had about an hour (or more) work to do, & it was an hour drive home! And when I was on the way out the door, one of my assistants said I forgot to call the order in for tomorrow to the Indiana warehouse! So, I went back in to do that, and couldn't find the fuckin' number!! And that's where the dream weird!
Okay, so it wasn't an exciting dream for anyone but me...but I loved it, because...I didn't have ms!!
Oh,'s the picture of the day...sent to me by Kevin!! Well, I guess it's up at the top...
So I'm hearing stuff on the news about al-Zawahiri...he's actually got a master's degree in SURGERY!! Holy shit! It scares me to think that somebody actually trusted him enouugh to let him take a knife to anyone!! And he also said something in his rant on tv about us taking their oil!! Hmmm...I've never seen a camel with a gas tank! But it would be funny to see camels lined up at a gas station, with little doors on their hips to put the gas nozzle in!!
Okay, that's I'm just getting stupid!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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