Friday, August 26, 2005


What in the world happened to my kid? Not 'kids' these days that are more spoiled & 'gimme, gimme, gimme' all the time. No, I only have this question about Tiffany. She might look a lot like me, and have my same sense of humor, wear the same size clothes as me, well, for the most part, anyway, but, major differences! Like I told Kevin a long time ago, when she was in high school, and more popular than anyone I EVER knew. "I know what the problem is here. We're a couple of 'thems'...she's an 'us'!! How did that happen?" No, I'm thankful for it. Life as a teenager was a lot easier for her than most! But, yeah, she did go through a while where some people told her she had a big nose, etc...but she got over that. So did they, obviously. I still say the reason that she didn't get away with things in high school, was that, between Kevin & myself, we've got it covered, we did it all...(lucky for us, not so lucky for her). I remember her telling me a few years after she graduated, about the time she stayed overnight with Amber in the sixth grade, and they sneaked out the window about 1 am...they walked around for awhile, didn't know what to do, got bored, and went back and sneaked back in! HAHA!! Tiffany is always concerned with her health too. I just went out to the kitchen to get some cheese and crackers...I look at the box of crackers after I get in here with it...yes, they're Wheat Thins...LOWFAT ONES!! Auuuggghhhhh! That's actually kind of funny. I always tell her to get the stuff that has extra fat, cuz it tastes better!!
She's always been that way, though...likes vegetables & fruits, was a cheerleader for Midget football, then also one in middle school for a couple tired of that, was a soccer player & a cross country runner...whew! That's way more than I EVER thought of! (yeah, Kim & I were busy thinking up stuff to do that led to trouble...).
Tiff actually remembers a lot from when she was really little, too. Back when she was, like, 2 or 3, she always called change "moneys", as in "Can I have some moneys to put in my bank, Mommy?" And, who could say no to that? (she's still doing that...I think that was just rehearsal...). Once, years ago when we were at KFC to pick up dinner for the 3 of us, a mom & her little girl were in front of us, and the little girl was talking about 'moneys', and Tiff poked me and said "I used to talk like that...remember?" Wow...that blows me away. She also remembers the time she was 6, not too long after we were married, when we lived at our old apartment (great place! with $160 a month rent!! Utilities under $40 a month!), Tiff called me in the middle of the night for a drink of water...she'd gotten in that habit. So, after I got up & got it for her, & she'd been back in bed for awhile, Kevin called her! And asked her to get him a drink of water...then when she brought it to him, said "I think your mom wants one too...". Voila...she never did that again!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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