Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday, Monday...lah,lah..lah lah lah lah...

All right!! I've fucking HAD IT!! I've been calling Mom at least once a day to make sure everything's okay with her, and she always says she's doing well, but then tells me how bad Dad's doing at the nursing home, and how he calls her all the time & says he wants to come home, and won't cooperate with anybody there. Our oldest brother (54) is at Mom's house all the time for dinner, & to hang out and visit for a few hours afterwards. And, no, he has no girlfriend, no kids, no wife, and no friends! Just cats...TERRIBLY VICIOUS cats that he has brought home when he saw them living wild out in the country when he sees them from his car!

So, last evening, X brought Mom by our house because she wanted to drop off some cake, and then he was going to take her to the grocery store. I think so he could pick out what he wants her to make him for dinner or something...:-/

Right after she left (and, no, X didn't come to the door, he knows he's not welcome here and never will be, after the way he's treated all 3 of us!), Bro called and said he wanted to talk to me. I sat down here, and started to tell him about Mom having been here for a minute with X, and what she said that X had said about the way Dad was doing, and halfway through my sentence when I said X's name, Bro burst out, "X is a fucking asshole!!" Huhh?? I was shocked!! This is the 'diplomatic' brother, who owns his own successful company, has been married for 26 years, has 4 kids, 2 of who have graduated from college, the oldest with a master's, his boy is taking over the company soon, youngest girl still in high school. Ya know, it was like hearing Condoleezza Rice spitting "Kofi Annan's an asshole!!" Anyway...he saId to hold up, I've only heard one side of the story. He said that he, his wife, and all of his kids have been out to see him at various times, and they ALL think he's doing a lot better than before, now that he's eating, and exercising. I talked to his wife, and she said he looks a lot better, and is getting a better attitude. Then she gave the phone to Bro,it turns out he's worried about them wanting to keep him there from now on, when it seems as if, with a nurse that came to visit a couple times a day, and maybe Mobile Meals, he could come home to his house, that he bought back in 1986 and they've lived in since then...and he had it paid off in 5 yrs. Holy shit!! He's right, Mom was bitching to him about Dad yesterday, and Bro said, "Mom, come on. You two have been married way too long (56 years!) to let it end up like this!" Shit, I cannot believe this!! Everyone can think "Oh, it's just sibling rivalry, that's it..."....No, that's not it.You honestly would have to know our family. Bro & X always got along well. I was the only one that didn't like X when we lived at home, and I was in, like, 3rd grade, and X was making me cry and he was yelling at me all the time. I remember crying to Mom about him always picking on me...and he was in his 20's (?). Mom said Libby, he's just jealous of you, I think. What?? I was 8!!, how fucking pathetic and dysfunctional can the situation get?? Yup...say it all together now slowly...Oe-di-pus!!


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