Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday, Memorial day weekend..

Okay, I'm taking today off from thinking about serious shit...
I think it's about time to go get some French vanilla ice cream outta the freezer. I'm kinda gettin' sick of salad. Kevin and his brother are going over to the Nascar truck race tomorrow. I had a ticket, but I really don't wanna go. I guess I'm just not into racing...unless it's a road race. Now that's interesting, more so than going in a circle...'s another 'Kim & I story'.
When we were about 15, we were out walking around one night (evening, I guess), and, of course, you know how guys honk at you when they drive by & see a girl (idiots!). So these 2 guys stopped & asked us if we wanted to ride around with them for a while. Of course, we said yes, cuz they had a few quarts of beer in there that we could see. We climbed in, and rode all over town with them, even waited while the driver drove the car over on the really, really, really, bad part of town, and said he needed to go see someone in an apartment upstairs, to get some 'doobie'. So the other guy & us waited in the car (in the dark, behind the apartment, beside a creepy alley...), drinking all the beer and talking. Well, he came back down, and got in, and had the pot. The other guy rolled the joints, and we just sat there and watched, and ooohed & aaahed over his skill (like nobody else in the world back in 1979 knew how to do something that clever...yes, girls learn about manipulation around the age of 15 or so...). Then we rode around town for awhile longer, then went over to the high school and ran around on the football field for awhile...then we had to go home. They dropped us off a few blocks away from home, and we went home, and pretty much forgot about the whole thing. You know, it was just a fun evening, and nothing more.
A couple weeks later, Kim called me at dinnertime. She sounded like she was having a freakin' heart attack or something and asked me if I'd seen the paper yet. I said no, hold on, and went to the living room & got it. Got back to the phone, and she said "Open the cover". I did, and, lo & behold, there was the guy that went up to the apartment that night...he had been indicted on two rape charges! Yeah...don't ever try to tell me that someone wasn't watching out for us. We also found out a few weeks later that the two guys had a habit of hanging out in a parking lot a few houses away from my house!

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