Monday, May 01, 2006

I am SO friggin' smart....

...sometimes I scare myself!!

Would this be a solution to some of America's problems today??

This would kill a bunch of birds with one stone. RICKSHAWS, that's the solution!

#1 - no more gas stations for you. You could sit there on your cell phone, and not have to worry about paying attention to the road, or other crazy drivers. You could calmly sit there and wave leisurely at the 'dummies' that are sitting in line at the gas stations, waiting impatiently to pay $75.00, just so they can get to work faster! What?? Why? So they can make more money to give to the gas station, etc, etc, etc. And so it goes....

#2 - Obesity in the United States is at a record high, and people just don't know what to do to lose weight. Eureka!! No more crap about how expensive a gym is to work out in! Walking & liifting weights are some of the best exercises you can do for yourself! People would start to be fit again, and feel much better about themselves, therefore, America would be the good looking nation it has always been!

#3 - This could do away with a lot of the unemployment. Rickshaw drivers (draggers) would get paid just like taxi drivers. Only they would have a lot less expensive maintenance on their vehicles! I can just see a body shop with a rickshaw on the lift.."Well, it looks like you're missing your catalytic converter, your muffler must've fallen off at some time...."

#4 - You have lazy teenagers that just WILL NOT get a job? There'll be no better of a character-building tool as a rickshaw dragger for their first job. When they're finally ready to grow up & realize that you HAVE to work in the real world, there will be no other 'first job' that'll speak better of their character, their commitment, oh, everything! After all, if you want a damn good worker, you hire the person that really wants a better job than what they used to have. And, as far as a lazy person thinks, well, what job wouldn't be better than 'rickshaw dragging'?

#5 - And last, but not much for the fallacy that America does less than nothing to help out on the 'global warming' problem!

Okay...those are just some ideas I've been working on this weekend...

....another idea just came to me...'undocumented workers' could get applications for citizenship after they are rickshaw draggers for 5 years, if they have no criminal record, and are fluent in English after taking classes for it. Also, they MUST pass a yearly physical....I'm still thinking about some more stuff to put in here...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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