Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday! Tiff's boyfriend graduates from college this weekend

I put this pumpkin picture on, in honor of the fact that Halloween is only about 6 months away! Is everybody gettin' ready?? Naw, it's probably gonna be how everybody in Zach's class is gonna be celebrating this weekend. He's actually wanting to go to law school now that he's done with 4 years of college (on a scholarship! brainiac!)
I have no idea what's on my mind today, so I guess this is just gonna be an amalgam of subjects (ooohhhh...good word!).
What the hell is up with Iran's leader, Ahmadinejad!! And, bigger question...why are the two countries in the Security Council that are the closest geographically to Iran opposed to diplomatically passing a resolution to put sanctions on it? Even better question...who in the HELL decided that Russia & China should even be ON the permanent United Nations Security Council?? Oh, yeah. The leader of the UN is Kofi... No, hopefully it gets handled peacefully. We have enough SHIT on our plate now! Okay....
All illegal immigrants are supposed to not go to work Monday? Well...maybe that's gonna be a good day to go job hunting for legal Americans...they're talking about building a big fence on the southern border. Could they legally make it an electric fence? Or maybe dig a moat instead, adding alligators & sharks? (now, that's thinking outside the box.). No, I welcome everybody from every other country that wants to come here, to work, and better themselves. But...everybody needs to know that we don't now, and have never, had 'open borders'! Why do people think they're 'special', and, therefore can work and get paid 'under the table', and not have to pay taxes, like LEGAL AMERICANS do every week?? And then use the 'free' (to them) health services like the ER and having a baby purposely in this country?
Sorry...just some of my pet peeves...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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