Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday, Apr 12

Wow, this is impressive. And tell me...why is the guy in the truck smiling??
Now this is just disturbing.

I didn't even have time yesterday to write on here, cuz I was working on a birthday card for Kat all day! It's not like it was so hard to find a card for her on our greeting card program thingy...the problem was that I decided to be creative, and delete the nicey-nice verse on the inside, and replace it with my own creative verses. It was lots of fun, and I WISH I could do THAT for a living. took like 5 hours! So we all went to Kat's birthday party at her house last night, and watched American Idol. (OH! Chris is SO freakin' hot!! Tiffany thinks so too, which is just WRONG! A mom & her daughter shouldn't think the same guy is hot & sexy!).
Anyway, this feels like the first day in a long time that I've had a chance to just sit & do nothin', like the blissful sloth I secretly am! It's a beautiful day (in the neighborhood) here, the sun is out, it's warm (70's), and windy, & oh, did I mention, I'm in central Ohio, and it's SUNNY!!
I forgot to mention what happened the day after Sharon went back to Australia! I was sitting on the couch, talking on the phone with Kim, and all of a sudden someone was banging on the front door. I told Kim, "Hey, somene's at the door. You hold on, I'll go get it, but if I scream, it's a killer, so come and save me, okay?" We laughed, I dropped the cordless phone down in the chair, but must've hit a button on it accidentally. I opened the door, and it was my youngest older brother (my favorite). He came in and I got the big ol' bear hug like always, and he called me 'baby girl', like he always does (cuz he was 11 when I was born!). And we just came in here to the dining room and sat around and talked about what Sharon & I had been doing....all of a sudden we hear footsteps running up on the front porch, and the front door opened, and Kim came in! When she saw me & Doug sittin' here, she 'bout shit, cuz she hasn't seen him since, like, 4 years ago. But, shit, I've not seen him since around Christmas! He's got a construction company here in town, and he's always traveling for it. And his wife and whichever of his 4 kids want to, go too, cuz all but one is graduated from high school and are in college. We look a lot alike, so much that his oldest daughter was in a bar last year, and someone came up to her & said "you have to be related to Libby somehow, right?" And then he told me when he was here the other day, that now his youngest daughter looks exactly like me now! He said looking at me is just like looking at her! And she's only 15!! Is that good or bad? So at least I know that Kim'll come over and save me from a serial killer. Yup...still my best friend!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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