Thursday, April 13, 2006

whatta great day outside!!

I don't really know what I want to write about today, so I think it's gonna just be random!
Kevin was telling me last night that this year, he's definitely going to make sure he mows the backyard for sure, every week this summer! No matter what! Me, being the prime smartass that I am, I had to ask "Why start this year?" (ouch) He just looked over at me & said, "Well...last October when I did it, I found a Japanese family in the grass that didn't know the war was over...". Dammit! He ALWAYS gets the better line in last!!
He's going to the Blue Jackets hockey game tonight with his brother. That's really cool...and I'm gonna stay home & order a Mexican pizza, read, & watch CSI, & Without A Trace! & oh yeah, Survivor. That sounds like more fun to me right now!!
I'm sad cuz Bucky got kicked off last night. I was kinda (no, I'll be honest here...really hoping it would be the guy with gray hair). Yeah, I guess I'm 'age prejudiced'...even though he's probably WAY younger than me!! Shit! I'm starting to feel so old that if I look, my Social Security number probly starts with three zeros!
Wow, I just realized I still have to send something to Sharon in Australia! She bought a cane at the Smithsonian when she was in, well, wherever the Smithsonian is. I was gonna send it UPS. Uh-uh! We looked on the internet, and it'd cost $141.00 to send it! Holy CRAP!! I emailed her & told her that, and she wrote back that she planned on us sending it through the post office, she doesn't care if it takes a month or so to get there! Oh. Okay. That's better. We looked that up and it's only gonna be like $25.00. Pheeww. That's a lot better!
Oh!! The 13 year old that Tiffany was told was pregnant...well, we saw her brother working at Red Lobster when we went out for lunch the weekend before Sharon left, and (I still have a hard time believing this, even though I SAW it) Tiffany went over to him when he was on break, and she frikken' asked him, "I heard your sister's pregnant. Is that really true?" Oh, God. Yeah, she's her momma's daughter...the difference is...I might wonder like crazy, but I would NEVER have the balls to ASK!! Especially since they live close by! He said no, she better not be, I'd have to do some major ass-kicking!! (he is 18).
Tiffany is still real happy at Fantastic Sam's, cutting hair, and she must be awfully good at it, too. (well, I know she does well with mine...) A lady called her phone number last week (it's different than ours, but on our regular phone). Usually I just ignore it when her number rings, cuz it's 2 short rings, and she hasn't used that number since she got a cell phone, so nobody calls it except telemarketers. Anyway, when it rang, I looked at caller id, & it was a name & a local number, so I answered, and she said "Is this Tiffany XX's number??" I wondered "my God, what has she done now?" said a silent prayer, and said yes. The woman said "Thank God! I found her!" Turns out this lady was a regular customer of Tiff's when she was at Fiesta, and, of course, they won't ever tell a customer where a stylist went (understandable), she knew Tiff's first & last name, and had been going through the phone book for her!! And that's super funny to me, cuz when I got that number for her, I just had it put in as T XX, no address, and her number!! Wow! That's almost as good as the guy that came to our door to find out where she works now!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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