Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friday night...

Now THIS is his dream...

We are having a BLAST!! Talking nonstop, & everything! And I was right, she really does have a lot of the same sense of humor I do.

Tiffany & I picked Sharon up at the airport yesterday at 9:31 am (yes, we were on time, & so was her plane!), we drove Tiff's new car (well, new to her,'s a 2002, got 66,000 miles on it...good car!! + good blue!)

So Tiff and I were standing where the passengers get off her plane (she came from Baltimore), and looking for her. Tiff says 'Are you SURE the picture you showed me was her?' I said 'Yes, I'm sure!', then turned around and saw her standing right behind me, with a luggage cart full!! OMG!! That was SO neat! She had already gone downstairs and picked up her luggage first, while we were standing there wishing we'd made a sign with her name on it. Like the little kid & his parents next to us holding a sign that said "Nana & Pappy" That was cute, the sign was almost twice as big as the kid!! Sharon has lots of luggage, but, considering that she's been out of her country since Mar 21...not even half as much as Tiff or I would've had!! We all got along so great driving home, too, Tiff gets along with her great too! We pointed out everything all the way home. Sharon mentioned the houses that are, like in, subdivision-type groups along rt 23 from Columbus north, getting close to Delaware. She remarked the same thing I always think..."Everybody's houses look exactly the same!" We laughed and said wait til you get to our house...they're ALL different...ours is a 2-story, next door is a 1-story, & they're ALL different colors.

We get home, and we're coming in the house, cuz Zach had promised to come over & bring in the suitcases. The weather Thursday here was just perfect, and as we're going to the house, a squirrel bounced across the yard in front of us, and Sharon said that was only the second squirrel she'd ever seen. The first was in Baltimore. Cuz they don't have squirrels in Australia. Well, they have flying squirrels, but you hardly see them, they're nocturnal.

It's been so neat to be sitting here bullshitting with her, instead of typing it! Oh, but she brought me a copy of the Dragon voice-recognition software! Actually, she brought us all kindsa stuff...I HAVE A REAL AUSTRALIAN BOOMERANG NOW!! I asked if she could throw it and make it come back, and she said she wasn't the expert on it, but they actually have some great big ones, like 3 or 4 feet, and hunters use them to kill kangaroos!!~ Also, I'd like to announce...I ATE VEGEMITE!! It really wasn't that bad, but Sharon told me the reason people don't like it is they try to put it on a piece of bread (or toast, or cracker) thick. You only use a thin scraping of it, like butter or margarine, but people here put it on like I do peanut butter, thick.

Okay, bedtime...big day tomorrow at a bunch of malls...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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