Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Truman & two kids!!

Allow me to introduce you to Truman! This is what he does all day, so this is why Kevin says he wants to come back as a cat in his next life. humph! I told him he'll be lucky if he's not a stray!! Plus, if he was my cat, he'd hafta, ahem, give up his nuts!
All right, enough of Tru...Tiffany did something I'm SO proud of her for yesterday. She actually mixed up my shot (it comes in a syringe, filled with sterile water, and a separate thing of avonex powder!). So it needs mixed before injection. They actually offer pre-mixed shots, but I got those one month, tried them two weeks in a row, and couldn't walk after them!! So, I called the insurance co, and they told me if I couldn't use 'em, get rid of 'em (16 shots!! at $412.00 each!!), and they'd send me the regular ones at no extra charge!! After Tiffany mixed it...she actually shot it in my arm!! At least I don't cry or anything! Actually, I started laughing when she asked Kevin, "can I just make a mark on her arm where I hafta do it??", and then she said, "Ooops! I guess it really wouldn't be a good thing if I shut my eyes so I don't see the needle go in!" But she did it! Remarkably well!! I didn't feel it, or bleed at all! I shouldn't by now...I've been getting these once a week for 11 years!! Grrrrrr!! I really wish I knew the shot once a week is why I'm still walking!! But...whatever....
I just get that stupid laugh reaction with ANY needles!! Tiff decided she wanted her bellybutton pierced when she was 16, so I went up there with her. And she talked me into doing it first!! So I went in the 'piercing room' with her, and laid down on my back on the table when the guy told me to...and started dying laughing when he pulled out this 4 inch needle!! He said 'quit laughing, or it'll be crooked!' I looked at him and stopped, cuz his name was Fester, he was dressed like a monk, with a big black floor-length gown on, and he had so many piercings all over his face, it was unreal! Actually, maybe I should've had the guy that did HIS!! Ya know, like you always have the girl who does the hair of the best-looking hairstyle in the salon do yours, don't have the one that looks best...SHE doesn't cut her own hair!
Okay, we hafta pick Sharon up at Port Columbus tomorrow at 9:30 am, so we'll be leaving this town about 7 am (traffic down there!!). And Tiff's supposed to trade in her black Mustang 5-speed convertible in today for a leased Honda Civic, 2006! That's really cool!! Her uncle already talked to the guy she'll be dealing with (her uncle's kinda his boss), and her pmt will be under 250.00 a month, no $ down, and 3,000.00 for her car! Woohoo!! back whenever!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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