Monday, March 06, 2006

hmmmm....Mar 6? oh...Monday!

Damn, I don't even feel awake today. well, I guess it IS only....5pm...grrrrr....
Maybe it's cuz I was on the phone with Kim for at least an hour or hour and a half when she called around 2pm. I actually think that woke me up more than anything else! (but I have been up & around since 9 am!). We were discussing our parents. (yes...the dysfunctions of our childhoods!). After I had called my dad the day he was home, and talked to him (errrr....listened to him) for fifteen minutes, I went to the back of the house to do laundry, scoop poop outta Tru's box, etc...then the phone rang, so I came back to the dining room to get it. I looked down at the caller id on the said "Lewis Funeral Home". Holy friggin' shit!! My first thought was that it would be my mom calling from there...then I didn't know what to think! Picked it up, said hello, then the guy said "Oh. I guess I have the wrong number." I hung up, and just sat here for a second. Wow...blew my mind. And no, I've never told anyone in my family about that. But I just had an evil thought....wouldn't it be fun to have that show from your phone when you made a, oh, say, prank phone call! hahahahaha!! Naaahhh...with my luck, the person I called would have a fuckin' heart attack and sue me or something!
Then Kim said something about her mom, and it all of a sudden made me remember the time I stayed with her, and we were sitting in her kitchen, after we ate our cereal for breakfast. Her mom got up & came out in the kitchen, said Good Morning to us, and we grunted back (as ANY self-respecting teenager knows, that IS the appropriate response to a parent in the morning). Kim's mom turned around and bent over the oven and opened it. Then Kim grinned at me, and reached over & gave her mom a shove in the butt, and said "Push the wicked witch in the oven", kinda singing it. Of course, I laughed, but all of a sudden Kim grabbed her hand up and ran to the sink, screaming, "Eeeeeeewww, eeeeeewww, gross, gross!! You don't have any underwear on!!!" cuz she had a nightgown on. And I looked over & Kim was pointing at her mom's butt, and the nightgown was stuck up the crack of her ass! Oh, crap! I'm laughing too fuckin' hard at that now to type anymore!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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