Saturday, March 11, 2006

more about old job, & the best prank i ever saw at work

Does anyone know this person?? If so, please call 1-800-DUMBASS immediately!! Seriously! Would you feel safe riding in a car with your kids next to him??

This is how I amuse myself all day...look for the stupidest pictures on the internet...I'm acquiring quite a collection...
Holy Crap!! I'm listening to Arena Rock on the Digital Cable channel, and I just heard the 'Damn Yankees'!! Now it's 'Quiet Riot', Bang Your Head!! I have a feeling there'll be beer in my future tonight...

Yeah, okay. I quit my last produce manager job in August of 1994. That was the one up in Findlay, that had the great boss, the one that I cried to when I told him I was going to take the office job in my town, and blubbered "Vic, I don't WANT to take this job, but I feel like I have no choice!" So, I only had time to give a week's notice, because they had me scheduled for training (which would be 6 weeks!). I started the new job here in town, which was better on the daily finances, since it only took 20 minutes to get to, as opposed to the hour it took to get to Findlay...but, at that time, gas was only about $1.30 (& we bitched about that!).
I went through the class, it was all computers & how to help customers with stuff when they called in with questions (remember, we were still GTE, that knew about good customer service! & realized it counted!!). Once, a couple weeks later, I was home after work doing the 'Buns Of Steel' workout tape, and one of the things you had to do was this thing where you were on your hands and knees and all you were doing was bending one knee at a time...all very well and good with my left leg, but when it came time for the right leg, I tried, and it bent up by jerks. I couldn't make it move smooth no matter how hard I tried! Kevin was in the other room, and I called him to come in & LOOK AT THIS BULLSHIT!! Seriously, it looked like I was doing it on purpose or something (heh... wish...)I We figured I should call the dr and at least go in, cuz I'd been having some dizziness (no comments here) and losing my balance sometimes a little. I thought maybe "ear infection", but...This was after I'd 'graduated' from the training class, & my class was the first class in years that had to be started at part-time. Boy, did I bitch (here, not at work), because not only did I take a huge pay cut and have to join a union (bleeaahhh...they can't do anything for me that I can't do for myself!....personal opinion, ya understand), now I was gonna get 20 hours at work a week, AND, with having a late birthday, which was how they split us up, as to when you'd work.....I got the 2pm to 7pm hours!! However, I had no idea at that time what a Godsend that was for me. My dr made a whole shitload of appts for me at every other dr you could imagine, from ear, nose,throat, all the heart tests, even a stress test, echocardiogram (or whatever). The only thing he didn't have checked was my prostrate!! And when he handed me the paper with all the drs & appt times, they were all in the morning, and there was no problem making them! The last on the list was a neurologist. I looked at that, and said to Kevin, "I'm scared. That's the one that'll find something, I bet." By the middle of October I'd gone to all the other drs, and everytime they said "Nope, nuthin', you're fine", all I could think of was the neuro in November. Went to him the week before Thanksgiving, he did an mri on Friday...went in to get the results Monday, and, well, here I am. But I did still go to work that day. I think a lot of the reason was so I'd solve other people's problems, not have to think about mine! Hmmmm...maybe that's why I'm still so fuckin' bitter about it...
Anyway, I kept working there until Sept, '98...I may touch on some of the people later....however, I saw the VERY BEST practical joke EVER played on a woman out at GTE! (you know who this is for, right doc??). An older woman sat at a computer in my row, and she was very crabby, very bitchy, I think she's the kinda person unions are meant for. She pissed off the guy that sat next to me, then when she go up and went to the bathroom, he....took the ball out of her computer mouse!!!! Oh, I rolled around laughing while she called systems, and bitched them out!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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