Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Kim & I always had fun, even if it was stupid destructive shit! This is another picture of my room in the attic of our house that was built in the late 1800's. This is the kind of craftsmanship that's just not seen in houses now!!
Okay, back to destruction. When Kim & I were at her house, they had that big outdoor pool with a big separate bathhouse, that we always hung out in, and had parties where people brought beer over. And they got it in, because the bathhouse was about 500 yards away from the house. There was a great big living room with 2 or 3 couches in it, a kitchen, and a few closets, a bathroom. Thinking about it, why the hell didn't Kim LIVE out there?? Oh...no tv...well, once when a bunch of people came out to party and brought beer, I drank WAY too much, and vaguely remember trying to get in the bathroom to puke...howEVER, there was a guy in there peeing! How fucking inconsiderate of him!! He's a GUY for heaven's sake, and we were in the country...he coulda gone outside and peed his name in the snow, for heaven's sake!! (Kevin brags about being able to do that...he says ALL guys do it!!! But I'm sure it's a lot easier for Ken than Kevin! Length...of name, dummy!). So I crawled out the front door (GRRRRRR), and puked in the snow, right off the porch (cement slab....not real high). The next day, Kim's dad came out there and stormed in,..."Who threw up in front of the door??" Ewwww...I bet that looked bad. I don't know...I went out the other door by the pool!
A few months later, it got to be swimming weather, and we had a BLAST!! A diving board, everything!! One day we were out swimming, went inside cuz her mom made us sandwiches for lunch before she left for work (we were totally spoiled!). Came back out, bringing the sandwiches, then sat down on the couches & ate. Well, when we finished them, I looked around, and saw that there were a lot of flies buzzing around inside! I pointed them out to Kim, and we decided that they had to die!! Man, we were bad. Kim grabbed a croquet mallet, and started chasing them around while I pointed them out. So, you understand, I had NOTHING to do with it! I NEVER touched the croquet mallet AT ALL!! And, no, she didn't hit flies on the sliding glass doors that faced the pool!! But, she did get the flies that were on the ceiling, that's for sure!! She looked up and saw a lot of them up there, and pounded them one at a time, until she got them all, while I just rolled around laughing at her!! Unfortunately, we didn't think ahead at all, and when she was done, we looked up, and #1, there were flyguts all over the ceiling...#2, every time she had hit the flies, there was a dent on the ceiling tile! And you also have to realize, Kim missed many times! We left that day before her mom & dad got home from work, and I don't think I've been out there since!! (I've talked to them since, but...)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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