Friday, March 10, 2006

funny shit (to me, anyway!) that was Kim's week so far!!

Hahaha! I think if I drove a truck, I'd want it to be this one!!
Kim's last couple days have been 'hell days'!! She called me last night and told me that she had to tell me about this stuff, and she wanted me to blog about it!! So, everybody, yes, I have total permission from Kim to blog anything (except the stuff we've agreed goes to the grave with us!).
Kim's grandma (her mom's mom) livess with her mom & dad. Gotta be an uneasy situation for her dad, cuz he's the one retired and home all day, also because he's had a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, Kim's mom still works as a realtor in this town, and I guess she's pretty good at it. And, right now, Kim's mom & dad are in Las Vegas for a realtor's meeting, and the grandma is home at their house...also with their dog, which is supposed to be a purebred black poodle, and if you ask me....that would be a big pain in the ass! I'd just want to sit there and read books all the time!! But, that's me...
Anyway, the last few days, Kim's days have been full of taking Grandma to all kinds of doctors, because, of course, Kim's mom made all dr appointments for the time she & J would be in Vegas! So they went to all the drs. and Kim had to be home in time to take her youngest boy to his own dr appt, cuz he has some bone issues to get taken care of.(long story.....may do somethling on that later). When Kim took her grandma back to her mom & dad's to drop her off and take her son out to the dr, Kim said she walked Grandma to the front door, and up the steps. She opened the front door, and like, almost had a fucking heart attack!! (Kim, not Grandma!). She told me the dog must've eaten something it shouldn't have, because there was shit all over the house! And we're not talking regular dogshit, Kim said it was ALL black and runny, there was nothing solid in it at all! She said it looked like sewer sludge or something!! And it was EVERYWHERE IN THE HOUSE!! So, she actually cleaned it up, while Grandma sat on the steps!! She said she used a lot of newspapers, all the paper towels, (which Grandma bitched at her for not leaving some for her, in case she wants some later!), and a lot of water and cleaner, every kind of cleaner they could find in the house, and a big brush...holy shit (oh, I guess that's an appropriate response...,). And, trust me, the house still stinks to high heaven!! I told her if it was me I would've chickened out the minute I opened the door, and called ServPro to take care of it!! She said I'm not putting any money into their house! Kim even left the bucket with the gross water & gross brush in it in the garage!! Then she took Grandma in the house, and called her mom & dad in Vegas & bitched them out for the dog! Because they won't let anyone keep the dog outside, cuz it's a 'purebred'! I started laughing..."So, all the shit you cleaned up was purebred shit, anyway..." Then I tried to make her laugh too, and told her that her mom's buttcrack is famous now, anyway...she did laugh then...of course, maybe that was because she was home, and clean, and on her third beer! And, no, AJ never got to the dr that day...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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