Thursday, March 02, 2006

better day...Mar 2

Well, yesterday was the twins' 5th birthday, and everybody went over there for a party last night about 8! Those kids got EVERYTHING!! And they each had their own cake! A (the boy) had a little Superman cake, & M (the girl) had a little pink & purple Dora cake!!
And, when we got home, there was a message for me on the computer from my friend in Australia, and she's coming here after she has to be in DC!! I don't know how long she can stay yet, but still!! That is SO cool!! This'll be the first time she's ever been to America. Most of the reason is for her government, but...she's also gonna see Ohio. Woohoo *heavy sarcasm here*. Kevin's already volunteered to take the day off work so we can pick her up at the Col airport. This'll be great! We've been emailing & instant messaging for 5 years now! We met on an ms site, and she's about as smartass as me!!
Well, back to the work stuff. In 1993, the store actually had to close, because it ran out of money...actually, the assistant store manager embezzled it all (little gay fuckhead! who used to come in to work with hickeys on his neck!! eeww!). When they closed, I went job hunting. And the first place I went (don't know why!) was the lumber store across the road/street. Believe it or not, they hired me!! It was a really good store, and a fun job, but...I missed working produce, something I KNEW! Then I applied at a Kroger store about half hour south of here, and got that too. So I worked part-time at both places for a while, then ran into another manager from the store I worked at here (the new grocery store that had to close), and he called me a couple nights later and asked me to work for him at the store he was at then, up in Findlay. I was kinda big on doing that, cuz it sounded like a neat store, small, a little bit like the first store I worked at. And I went there, and worked, & got to quit both part-time jobs! I loved that job in Findlay too! But...con't tomorrow...boring, I know...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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