Tuesday, February 28, 2006

last day of February!!!

Man, I sure hope that means it's gonna get warmer, I'd even be happy with the high 50's!! At least it's SUNNY today!!
Kat & Benji's kids, the twins I always write about (not identical though...one has a penis & the other doesn't!) are gonna be 5 tomorrow!! I just cannot believe that! Already?? Kevin & Tiff went out last night and got presents for them.
And...my dad was taken Sunday afternoon, and admitted to the hospital...and, did ANYONE call me & tell me? Uhhhh, no. No, I can't drive out there, but he's my dad!! Sorry...I know some families have a 'black sheep'? Well, I've progressed beyond that. To the GRAY SHEEP!! My mom never calls me, anyway...she calls Tiff on her cell phone...sorry, I'm just a little bitter. Why?? Well, they only live about, well, I don't know, but it's way less than maybe 1/4 of a mile across town. In the same town! Yes, I know all the stuff I wrote before about when I was in school & older...but, as far as I knew, we made our peace with that, and we still talked...before I got ms. Now, it's WAY different. Mom or Dad will call Tiff (on her cell) and ask her & Zach over for Sunday dinner. Which is great, I love it that Tiff's still close to my mom, she's not really with my dad. Anyway, my mom finally called here Sunday a little before noon, & Kevin got the phone (I wasn't up yet!). She told Kevin about my dad, but mostly she told him about my uncle & his wife that came down for dinner Saturday night with her after Dad was in the hospital, and what a good time they had..To me, & Kevin, that's just plain weird! I know my dad's 88 years old, and of course, Mom's going to expect health problems. But I don't think one oughtta become quite so 'blase' about it! Dad's blood pressure was over 200 Saturday when he went to the hospital! I called Mom Saturday after Kev woke me up, talked to her for a little bit (again, mostly about her brother & his wife!), then I called Dad at the hospital & talked to him, then he said someone would call me Monday, after someone looked at the cat scan. No, nobody ever called. So I called their house today, Dad answered the phone...yadayadayada...what else is there to say? Hmmmmm...
All right. At least I got that shit off my chest. Usually I'm writing stuff that's funny on here...not today...
Droops... Libby

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