Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Feb 23

I really miss some of the people I used to work with, when I worked in produce...I know, you're tired of hearing about what? Quit reading then.
After Kevin and I got married, the people up in the main office didn't seem to like it...we think maybe a lot of it was because our jobs weren't all-consuming to us anymore (you all KNOW WTF was!!), and we had stuff to do after work, instead of stay at work & try to figure out ways to make our sales numbers better...sales per customer, % of the store's business that was our department, shit like, about a month after we got married, Kevin took a job at a different store as meat manager, with more money than our store paid him. He liked it, but it wasn't the best store to work at. The owner was, like, one of the biggest crooks this town's ever seen! But, no, he didn't rip off Kev, he was paid well...
After Kevin was outta there, all of a was boring to show up at work, cuz I wasn't seeing Kevin be-boppin' around the corner through my department to say hi on his way to his department. :-( . Even though the store here in town had moved to a different location, & I loved my new produce dept, the fun wore off, ya know?
So, my brother, who has a construction company, was remodeling a building on the other side of town for a man from Lima, Ohio, who wanted to open an all produce market, cuz that's the kind of warehouse he owned in Lima. When my brother told me about it, I thought "Well, shit, I'll try!" And, keep in mind, the absolute only company I had EVER worked at in my life was the one I worked at then...starting as cashier! My next day off I told Kevin I was gonna go try to get hired there, and he said 'Good luck!'

I drove to that building, and it was deserted looking except for a big 'old man looking' car in the parking lot. I parked my car & walked around the building, looking in the windows, and then,* 'bingo! there's the old man that belongs to the car!'* I went up to the front door, which was glass, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Walked toward him with my right hand out to shake his hand, and said 'Hi, are you JD? I'm Libby X, and my brother is XXXX, he's been telling me about this place! It looks like it's going to be great!" He's all smiley and friendly, and telling me what he wants to do with this room, that room, etc. And I stood there smiling & nodding, then said, "Wow! It sounds like you're in need of a produce manager, aren't you!?" And he said, "Well, matter of fact I am!" And he said come on in the office, we'll talk about money." Then he asked where I worked now, why I'm leaving, etc...then asked how much I made an hour..I told him, he said okay, he'd give me xx more, I said ok, we agreed I'd start next week, cuz I wanted to give a week's notice. And, bam, I had a new job! How easy was that shit?? That place wasn't open yet, but it only took about a month to open it...unfortunately, it only took about 8 months to go out of business...(which was NOTHING to do with me!! I wasn't there anymore! Had been called by a 'headhunter' to interview for another job in a different town, which I took, cuz I saw how business was going). But, man, do I miss working there! J was a big old gruff, scary guy to most people. But, really, he was long as you stood up to him.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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