Thursday, February 09, 2006

i dunno...

Does everybody beLIEVE this shit?? This is a TRIM,, that Kathy gave me today!! Tiffany was at work all day today, and said before she left that she didn't care if Kat did my hair today, so I called Kathy, and she said she & the twins would come over this afternoon for it, and look at all the hair she had to take off. Just to trim it!! I've even tried to donate my hair to 'Locks of Love', which makes wigs for little kids that have cancer, and have lost their hair. But, they only can take it if it's 12 inches long!! And I really can't do that. It does grow long, but it mostly grows too thick, (out!) and I always have to have it thinned before I can live with it!!

Has everybody done something really stupid (albeit funny) with someone's car?

The first thing that was done involving my car, was when I worked as a cashier at the first store. My former best friend, Joe, knew exactly which parking place I parked in, and one day when I was off, he went to the store, and drew an outline of a person in that place, like somebody had been murdered there. So I came in the next day, and wondered what happened. But, there were no "crime scene" tapes over it, so I parked there anyway! And when I walked in the door, everybody was laughing, cuz Joe had been at work that day earlier, and told everyone about it. And it was really strange, cuz it was only drawn with white shoe polish, which always comes off with water (so it's also great to "soap" someone's car windows with, if anybody needs that helpful information). But that 'dead body' outline was there for MONTHS!!

Then there was my friend, the cashier that found the guy trying to steal cigarettes. She drove a WAY teeny car, even smaller than my Honda Civic. The guys that worked as stockboys at the store picked her car UP and lifted it and set it down on the sidewalk, which was about 6 inches higher than the parking lot! She couldn't figure out how it got there!

After I transferred to the store up north, the meat manager up there had one of those little cars (I forget what kind it was...) that had a plug that he used to pull in the back door of the produce room, and plugged his car in the outlet over my big sink! So here's Todd's car, with a big orange extension cord stretched up into the back door! I actually think it only needed plugged in in the winter, when it wouldn't start...I dunno. Anyway, I do know that there was snow on the ground & it was really cold outside, cuz I bitched at the store manager when he came back to the produce room for something..."Terry! I'm freezing to death!! My hands are always wet with this job, and they're gonna turn into icicles! If I have to go to the emergency room, this company'll be sorry!!" ha, what a whiner I was! Terry said, "We can take care of this easier...c'mon!" We went outside, and Terry unplugged the car under the hood, but left it plugged into the wall, so if you looked at it inside, you didn't know anything was different. Then we took the car around to the other side of the building, and parked it over there. Came back to the side where it HAD been, and tossed the 'car' end of the cord up to the roof. Then went back inside, dusting our hands (phew! job well done!). And, OMG, you should've seen Todd's face, when he unplugged the car from the wall, and took off out the back door to go home!! "How did my car get on the roof?? What's going on??" I'm STILL laughing about it!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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