Monday, February 13, 2006

ghost stories, etc...

Okay, everyone...I think maybe she might be part of the continuing interest on my behalf in ghosts. This is one of the most famous pictures of a ghost you can find. She's in a castle in England (of course...aren't they all?), but, most importantly, she is an ancestor of Kev's mom!! And yes, I did put time into finding that out, by researching it (c'mon! I don't have a job!! Gotta do SOMETHING!!). I'm gonna write about another 'encounter' I had with a ghost? creepy feeling? I dunno what it was, but the whole thing weirded me out! But first, I hafta write about yesterday. Kev & I were doing the whole whatta you want for Valentine's Day? Whatta you want for our anniversary? I said I truly don't want anything but a card...I don't wanna spend a bunch of money we really don't have. We already did that for Christmas.. :-)
So finally I said...well...chocolate covered raisins & chocolate covered peanuts. And he said ok...Then we decided to get one thing together for our anniversary. One of the Tempur-pedic beds! I'm excited!! So that's anniversary. I still accuse him every year of us getting married 2 days after Valentine's Day, so all he ever had to do for our anniversary was go to the dumpsters of all the flower shops, and get the stuff they threw away after Valentine's....makes sense to me! No, he asked me on Wednesday the 14th, we decided to do it Friday the 16th, because we worked at the same store & took vacation together that week, just to hang out. But we got married for Valentine's Day instead! Took the weekend for a honeymoon (Tiff stayed with my mom), and went back to work Monday! :-/
Okay, here's one of my other stories about "ghosts I know personally".
In about 1991, I was working in Bucyrus, Ohio (produce, at a grocery store), and saw an ad for a new grocery store that was being built in our town. So, that was only gonna be in a plaza about 1/4 mile from my house. I went & applied, interviewed, & got the job (yup...produce mgr...). I totally LOVED that store! Everything was big & new, for anyone who is familiar, it looked like a Cub Foods. After a few weeks, I was in the back room of produce, with about 2 of my assistants, and we were just loafing, and bullshitting because we were running ahead of schedule. So, instead of going up to the front of the store and upstairs to the breakroom, we just lit cigarettes in the back room, we're leaning against the wall and ice machine, when all of a sudden, I felt like somebody grabbed the hand I was smoking with. Nobody did, but I got that cold chill people always talk about. Dave & Steve weren't even looking at me, they were still talking. I dropped my smoke on the concrete floor and stepped on it and went back to the table where I was trimming some stuff (I used to be GOOD with knives!)(actually, I guess Kev's better, he had to cut up pigs, cows, chickens...eeewww). About 30 seconds after I did that, one of the top bosses from Lima walked in through the cooler (it went through from my back room and there was a 'back door' to the cooler that went through to the long hall that went to the other side of the store), and Dave & Steve were standing there talking, laughing, smoking..and I was over at the table, minding my own fuckin' business, chopping away. John (boss) just stood there looking at them with his arms behind his make a long story short, they got to hear about it, but kept their jobs.
Then, a few months later, I was by myself working in the backroom, around 8 pm. I was cutting all kinds of melons & kiwi & stuff for fruit salads. I got about halfway through, then got a really creepy feeling, like someone was staring at me. I just glanced over to my left, and I felt like there was someone standing there, but nobody was! I went back to chopping, then looked over again, and I saw an Indian standing there, with his arms crossed over his chest, and I do remember that he had no shirt on, something like shorts on, very long black hair, with a band around his head (no, no feathers!), and he really wasn't looking at me, but he was standing there staring straight ahead, not moving. But it probably was only 10 seconds or so. Still, creeped me out! I went up front, upstairs, to my office, and just sat for awhile.
Okay, fast forward...I found out a few years after that, that part of the plaza had been built over Grave Creek, which had been filled in and covered up for the construction. Grave Creek? Hmmmmm....that was an ancient Indian burial ground...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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