Friday, February 24, 2006


When I left that new produce market, I got the new job in a town about 1/2 hour north of here. It was a pretty nice store that was in a rich area of town (I think...they acted like it, anyway!).The other department mgrs were pretty nice, and the cashiers were too. In a very short time, I realized why the place seemed like a prison on 24-hour lockdown!!
It was pretty much a store where the manager was, well, a little fucking prick to all his employees! He wanted all of his department managers to always act professional, and walk around like they have a stick up their ass or something! Which, because of the money, we did...however, I think that's probably the reason we all got along so well. Example: he was a short little fat Italian guy that thought he was the best manager in the world. He always parked his car right outside my produce door, which had a window in it, so we were always checking to see for sure if he was there. The girl/lady in charge of receiving looked out one day, noticed his license plate, and it started out with UFW... she looked over at me, and said, "I always remember that fuckin' wop." ROTFLMAO!! He had the habit of always taking a cart around the 'perimeter' of the store (a manager's job/habit,whatever), and I had to be there at 7 am every day, (well, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat.). And I'd try to get my dept looking good enough that he didn't stop and say shit!! Because he WAS very picky, and if he thought something was in the wrong place, he had no problem telling you you should come in on your day off (w/out pay!!) and fix it!
All that shit went on, month after month, and I was going nuts, checking the want ads every day, whining to Kevin, blah blah blah! I did have some fun at that job, mostly because we had a few times we had to go to the warehouse in Fort Wayne, and I liked that, because I drove by myself. I even took Tiff once and we went to the mall over there, and spent a couple hours watching the people at the ice skating rink in the middle. And I got to introduce Tiff to the people that I talked to every day to give my order to. Now that was fun!
A few weeks later, the store mgr was walking down the produce aisle one morning, and looked at me and said, "Hi Blondie.", but in a totally shitty, snotty way, just trying to piss me off. I got totally pissed, but just grinned at him and said hi. Yes, I held my attitude in check (for once), and thought about what to do. When I saw him go up to his office, I followed him in, and told him I had to talk to him for a minute. He said sure, and shut the door, and I just said, "Don't call me Blondie anymore...I don't call you 'short, fat, Italian', do I?" So that talk only took like 2 minutes...but it was truly the best 2 minutes of my life (well, almost...).
After that is when I read about the store that was going to open here in my town, you know, the one with the Indian, I waited to quit so that my last day was the day after I'd been there 1 year exactly, so I'd get my week paid vacation, which I had called the woman at their main office and told her I'd be leaving in a couple weeks, would she mail the check for that to my house, cuz I didn't want the manager to do anything with it, like, it might get 'lost', or something.
I was SO friggin' happy to get the hell outta there!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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