Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday, Monday...

Well, my email friend in Australia instant messaged me from work last night, (she works for the Australian government in Canberra), and she has to come to Washington DC at the end of March, so she wants to try to get up here then for a couple days too! Yeah, I know it's her, we've been writing & talking for about 5 years! She has ms too, and she sent me a tv clip of her testifying to her govt about ms! Really cool!
Other than that...
When it was just me & Tiffany, & I worked in the store an hour north of here, all the department managers had to trade working on Sundays, cuz nobody EVER wanted to work on Sunday!! So, since I was, like, greedy, and needed the money (at least I had the Honda Civic, and gas was only .98 a gallon...remember those days??), I volunteered to work every other Sunday. And absolutely nobody ever had any kind of problem with THAT!!! Especially since I took the last half of the day, 3 pm to 9 pm. And that was because I liked to drink (beer & tequila!) and always went out to a bunch of bars with all my friends, to Findlay, Tiffin, Bowling Green, Toledo....(hence, I haven't been drunk since, ummm, 1989...I think I must've drunk my fill), and we always went out on Saturday nights and stayed out all night. Tiffany always stayed with my mom & dad overnight that night. They would pick her up at the babysitter's house Saturday afternoon, and I'd pick her up at their house Sunday, ummm, after I woke up? No, it was usually before noon. Then Tiffany and I would usually play with her puzzles, and other toys Sunday. But when I had to work at 3 pm, Mom & Dad babysat her again, cuz her regular babysitter didn't do Sundays (don't blame her.........would you?). But she did watch her Monday thru Saturday. I'd leave for work at 2 pm Sunday afternoon, work from 3 to 9, and I was the one in charge. Had the safe combination, the store keys, and 1 cashier to run register. We would get everything done in the store, get the money counted, and in a deposit bag, and the cashier would go home, I'd take the bag of money (like, $30,000!), and drop it off in the bank's deposit thingy on my way out of town, cuz it WAS right on my way out of town. At that time, it really wasn't a big deal to me, it was "nuttin' but a thing". I was about 22 & 23! Now when I look back at it, I'n like "Holy Shit!!". I remember there was a bar across the street that mostly Mexicans went to...a big sign in the window said "Cerveza". I think that's Mexican for beer? I dunno, I thought so, anyway. Then I'd drive back here, & pick Tiffany up, go back to the apartment, read with her, and put her to bed. By then it was usually 10:30 pm, and I'd go sit on the couch and make all the new price signs for the next week in produce. I always had the tv on VH1, listening to, maybe 'The Soul of VH1'? When I'd get done with the signs, I'd go tuck Tiff in again, grab one of my Stephen King books, put everything that I needed to take back to work leaning against the door so I didn't forget it, then I'd go to bed too. And read for an hour or two. And then get up and go back to work Monday morning, leaving at 6:45 am. Which meant I was up at, ummmm, 5:30 am !! How did I do it??? No wonder I sleep a lot now! Got a lot to catch up on! Anyway, it worked well. Lots of fun, but lots of bullshit with one of the guys I dated, & learn, right?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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