Friday, February 17, 2006


Damn, it is too cold today!! Okay...yesterday it was 60 degrees & it's...well, right now it's 30 degrees! And last night overnight, it was SO fuckin' windy...I was sitting in here at the computer around 3 or 4 am, all of a sudden, I heard something on the front porch banging around. Turned out, it was all the brooms, shovels, + anything else that wasn't "nailed down", flying against the wall, the railing, OMG, you can imagine picking a snow shovel up and just hitting a wall with it as hard as you can! At 3 am, when people are supposed to be sleeping! (not me, of course...rules don't apply to me!) I think the winds last night were like, well, I dunno, but I do know we were under a high wind warning, and if you looked at a map, there was a tornado 'watch box' in Indiana!!
But, before all that, it was a really nice day. Kevin took the day off for our anniversary, and we just kinda loafed around all day. He always describes his part in that as "gonna hang out with my wang out" or "gonna rock out with my cock out".
We got together with his whole family and went out for dinner, like we always do on our anniversary, because his mom & dad's 42nd anniversary was Feb 15th. We actually just went to Bob Evans restaurant, whose food I totally love. They thought about going to Applebee's, but I'm really kinda glad we didn't, I'm not really a big fan of their food.
At 6:30 pm, Kevin and I pulled up to the side of the restaurant, and Ken motioned out the window for us to wait a second...then he came out to the car carrying an umbrella (Mary Poppins?), and he and Kevin got my walker (well, it's actually a 'roller'!) out of the backseat, and I got out of the car...we're all heading to the door in the rain (that was when the weather started to suck!), Ken first, then me and my walker, then Kevin behind me. He always walks behind me, cuz he always has his finger through my belt loop, in case I fall. And Ken was carrying the umbrella over my head. That's very sweet & careful, but...I've told him if I ever DO fall, that'll rip me in two!! And probably make a total mess... :-( . We're just trudging toward the door, and maybe I slowed down or something, but all of a sudden I see Ken and the umbrella walking on ahead of us to the door. I just started dying laughing, cuz here he had come out with the umbrella to be a gentleman (!) (brothers-in-law aren't s'pozed to do that!), and he didn't even think again after we started walking! Funny as hell!! We get inside, and had to wait around for a table, cuz there were 11 of us!! When we were getting ready to leave, Kevin's mom gave me & Kevin a heart-shaped box of candy, and we were laughing about the fact that she had gone and gotten it half-price the day after Valentine's Day. Then she said 'Remenmber when...' and that got it started. We joked about the fact that back in 1990, when we got married, she was like everybody else (including me), and was totally surprised when we had been on the news, & Kevin told central Ohio we were getting married for Valentine's Day! When we got back to town after we were on the news that night, Kevin stopped at his apt first, checked his messages on the answering machine while I waited in the car, and then he came tearing out to the car saying 'You take your car & go pick up Tiffany, I'll meet you at your apartment. I've got to go see my parents for a minute.' Turns out that she had left a message , with her sounding all upset & crying, and everything, but she only did that as a joke. But it worried the SHIT out of Kevin!! I even remember when we first started dating, I woke up one morning and rolled over in bed to get up. I looked out the window, like always, and Kev's mom was driving past my house to go to work (the bank she worked at was only maybe 4 blocks down that main street in town, and my apartment was on a corner). And Kev's car was parked right under my window next to where the main street was! That was back in December, way before the wedding! She told me later that she saw his car there every morning for a long time, before he even told her we were dating!
And, Tiffany got hired at another salon yesterday! She is SO gone from Fiesta!! She starts at Fantastic Sam's tomorrow!! She's been having to close at night all the herself!! And go deposit the money and everything! I did that at the grocery store all the time, but that was back TWENTY YEARS AGO!! You just don't make your employees do that now!! Especially when it's a young girl! Sam's never will have only one employee working! Wee-Haaw!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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