Friday, February 10, 2006

eBay shopping today...

I was "browsing" (shopping) on eBay today, and, damn I really WISH this would've been around 20 years ago!! Do you realize how cheap baby stuff would've been??
Anyway, I've been reading a book of people's true ghost stories from all over the United States, they were collected by USA Today. And, okay, they might be true (a lot of 'em), but there were also a few of 'em that I could've written. So I was sittin' on the couch this morning reading & remembering what used to happen at mine & Tiffany's second apartment.
We lived there for about 4 1/2 years, and it was the BEST apartment anyone could ever imagine! First of all, it was just the upstairs of a plain old house, which I like SO much better than an apartment complex...those have no character!! The downstairs was already rented to a guy who had been in there for years!! He was about 40 or so, & as we were moving in, he came running up the stairs & said "Hey, I'm Henry, the landlord said you're divorced & you have a baby, if you ever have any trouble with him coming over & causing trouble, I'm right underneath you, so jump, yell, scream, if you need help!" OMG!! I'll never forget how great that was!! The stairs to that apartment were outside all the way up the side of the house, but nothing covered them, so they got rained & snowed on all the time!! Didn't matter...was still worth it. There were probly about 10 or 15 steps, but real solid, with a big banister. The apartment was...a big living room that the door opened into; straight through was my huge bedroom with a closet; from the living room to the left was Tiffany's room (she was still in her CRIB!!), and the big front window that looked out at the main street in town was in there; and, if you went to the left when you came in the door, there was a little hallway, with a big bathroom and clawfoot bathtub & shower, then if you went straight down the hall, there was a HUGE kitchen that had a stove, refrigerator, big pantry at the end, 2 big windows, a china cabinet...keep in mind, this apartment cost me $160.00 a month!! My God, was that place great!! (a little bit haunted, but great!).
Some of the times, I'd be in bed, getting ready to fall asleep, and I'd hear somebody walking up the steps outside, & then just stopping outside the door. But I'd get up real quick & look outside, and.....nuttin'! There was also a teeny little square, like an opening to an attic in the living room, but, it couldn't be an opening for any person to go upstairs, cuz it was maybe a 12" X 12" square!! Even I couldn't do that!! Every once in a while I'd hear something like light, Tiffany-size footsteps running around up there! But I'd go around the corner & look, and she was just in her new 'big bed', snoring away! Besides, the square was like 9 feet up, on the ceiling!! So, back to bed for me...
Still, to this day, Tiffany says her bed used to shake a lot in the middle of night, and wake her up!! I know that she used to wake me up crying in the middle of the night every couple weeks, screaming, "Mommy!!! My bed's shaking!!!" So I'd wake up and go in her room & we'd sit there hugging on her bed, & saying prayers for her, so her bed would stop shaking! (no, I never felt it, but...would a 3 or 4 year old lie about this?). The big kitchen was always kinda creepy, too. There were always big shadowy places that the overhead lights couldn't get to.
Oh, hey, I forgot to mention one of the most hilarious things I used to do with Tiff when we first moved in there, before she walked perfect, and if you set her down to keep her occupied with something, it'd actually work! The best thing to do to keep a single, bored baby busy is...make a roll of scotch tape, and then stick it to her hands!! Funnee!! Okay, and I think that came back to bite me in the ass. Cuz, of course, I had a Rubik's cube, like everyone did then, and once, when Tiff was 3 or 4, she brought it to me, and it was totally done, one color on each of the 6 sides!! "Mommy, look, I did it!!"..yeah...she told me when she was about 12, that she had a lot of fun with that thing...peeling each color off, and sticking each color on a different side!!!
It's so lucky I didn't have ms (that I knew of, anyway) back then. I never could've kept working or living there with the steps. Once in about 1986, I lost all my peripheral vision...which really isn't good if you're driving an hour a day to work, and an hour home at night. But I went to an eye doctor, he checked my eyes, completely, nothing wrong, he said it's probly that time, who was I to argue? So it went away in about a week, so I forgot about it...till 1994, when I learned that that's one of the first symptoms of ms!
Kevin & I got married Feb 16, 1990 (holy shit!!~ anniversary's coming up!!), & we all lived there till August that summer when we bought this house. I still miss that apartrment, though...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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