Friday, February 03, 2006

posted by orders from Kim yesterday...

Kim called me yesterday afternoon, and she had all kinda shit to fill me in on! Some is shitty & sad, but then it went to where we were both laughing so hard we couldn't even breathe!
Kim's grandma (her dad's mom) died at the hospital a couple weeks ago. Kim & her dad were sitting there with her, and talking, and Kim said she just quit breathing and died. It wasn't a surprise to them at all. She had been in a nursing home, because her dr had told Kim's dad that he should move her to a nursing home, instead of her own apartment here in town, because she had kidney problems, breathing problems, and was getting dementia. So she had been at the nursing home, but then got bad enough to go to the hospital, and died there.
Then Kim told me about what happened Wednesday afternoon...her other grandma (her mom's mom) has been living with Kim's mom & dad for at least the last year, and she's not in the best of health either. She got admitted to the same hospital Wednesday night, and when Kim & her mom & dad went with the nurses to get her settled in the room she was given, they all was the same room her dad's mom died in a couple weeks ago!! And it's not like this is some teensy-weensy little hospital, it's regular size, has 4 floors (I know that's not tons, but...big enough for a different room, right?).
Yesterday afternoon, Kim took her dad up to the Cleveland Clinic for a checkup on his kidney transplant he got a few years ago, then to the VA hospital up there for something else. While her dad was in the bathroom, Kim was leaning against the wall in the hall waiting, and she said an old man came up to her and said 'don't I know you? aren't you one of those girls on the news?', and she said she just laughed and said, 'well, i probably oughtta be,as much as I talk! but, no, i'm not....I just talk for free!' :-O ;-)
Kim was driving her mom & dad's Cadillac home. She & her dad were talking, joking, etc. All of a sudden Kim noticed her dad had a weird look on his face. She asked him what was wrong, and he said he thought he was gonna get sick, cuz he'd felt kinda bad all day. Then she pulled over to the side of the road, so he could, like, lean out & puke. He's trying to get the door open, and I couldn't really understand it (cuz we were laughing too hard??), but it was something about how the door wouldn't open unless the car was in park or something, and she was like, Dad, Dad!! And he's saying the door won't open, lemme out! Then he's just trying to get the automatic window open...he's pushing the opener in the right direction, she's pushing the one on her side in the other direction, cuz it is his car, she's not all THAT familiar with it! We finally slowed down on the laughing, and I asked, "So...did your dad just finally have to puke straight AT the window??", they finally got the doors open (after her dad told her how....)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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