Friday, March 03, 2006

wonderful telemarketing tactics..

Okay, lemme ask everyone.......have you ever been really fuckin' busy (even laying around sleeping or watching tv constitutes as 'busy', you know?), and the phone rings, and it's a telemarketer, trying to get you to get another credit card, or invest, or buy something? I got that today, and when they asked for Kev, I said he's not here, who is this? (even though I knew damn well what the call was for...). She gave me her first & last name, but didn't tell me what company she was calling for. Then she said, "This is a courtesy call for XXXX Company." I interrupted with, "Hmmmm...if you were really interested in being REALLY wouldn't be calling me right now, wouldja?" Then SHE hung up on ME!! Problem solved...
Okay, I talked to Sharon in Australia last night for an turns out...she can stay till Apr 6!! How cool, and she's gonna stay here! But, she said only if she gets to cook dinner for us a few times. Hmmm...I'll hafta mull that over for a while. NOT!!!! I didn't even like to cook before I got ms, now, Kev doesn't WANT me to, cuz he's afraid I'll fall into the stove or something! Shut UP!! You never know, I just might...anyway, she is a VERY good cook, always wanting recipes and stuff. I just told her there are 2 things I don't want...vegemite-she TOLD me what's in that!!...and, kangaroo. [no, they don't eat that]). However, did you know that there are more kangaroos in Australia than people? True! Sharon said they're all over there, almost like squirrels here!
My next-to-last job I had...very small grocery store in Findlay, OH. Also closed now, boo!! That was a cool store. We had mostly older people that shopped there, and they were so nice! Very different from anyone I'd ever dealt with. Either they were too poor to be nice (like the first store), or they were too rich to be nice to us paeans (like the store in Delaware!). These people were great! I was always getting customers that made stuff, like bread, salsa, etc. and brought it in to give me!
I got along really well with everyone there.The girl that ran the office up front went with me to the Barry Manilow concert (I know, I know!). I got along well with the guys in the meat dept too. The meat mgr used to be a nut! Once when he had turkeys on sale, I went back to the breakroom for a smoke, and all the seats were taken. Dave looked at me, and patted his leg, "Here, babe, sit here!" So I started to walk over there to sit on his leg, and all of a sudden, looked twice at his red apron...I swear, that coulda been his dick hanging out from under it!! I just looked at his face, and EVERYBODY started dying laughing!! It was a fucking turkey neck!!
The store manager that had asked me to come up there to work all of a sudden got a real attitude against all the employees. We all got together to figure out who oughtta go talk to him about it. Of course, it was me, cuz I had known him longer. Grrrrr! I asked what was up, he said nothing (you know...he IS a guy). The rest of us talked about it for a few months, then decided to call the big guy at the main office, we did, he came down, talked to all of us, talked to J, and...a few days later, J was somewhere else, and the mgr I like the best of ANY boss I've ever had was there! (He used to be here at the 'Indian store' too.). And the day I had to give my week's notice to him, I bawled like a baby, cuz I sobbed "Vic, I don't know why, I just have to take this job, even though I know I'm gonna hate it!! It's a desk job, for God's sake! Making LESS money!!" So, I was gone to GTE, now Verizon, a week later...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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